Thursday 31 January 2008


It's day 4 of my 15 day elimination diet and am feeling a bit yukky, no alot yukky.

I have just gotten over a cracker of a 48 hour headache that was bordering on the edge of becoming a migraine. I know when it's a migraine when I start to vomit, and I came close a few times. What made it worse was I came into work both days as my assistant is off sick for a couple of weeks. Today the headache is managable but I have the codiene hangover from popping the pain meds.

I don't know if the headache has anything to do with the diet or not but hopefully I'm over the worst of it. The food is OK to eat, I do miss the eggs and dairy though, so hopefully when I reintroduce these foods I wont have any reaction, though I'm skeptical on the dairy.

Still stressed out with events of my life at the moment, so sorry if I have been absent from your blogs but I do think of you all.

Saturday 26 January 2008


I've had a lot of things happening over the past 10 days and have not been in a weight loss frame of mind. My eating has been totally unplanned and all over the place.

Of course all this additional stress has not done me any favours health wise, my arthritis is niggling more,headaches are worse and to top that all off my colitis is active again, all in all I'd say my immune system is stuffed at the moment.My stomach is so distended I feel like I'm ready to give birth.

I have decided to go on an Low Reactive ( Elimination) Diet for 15 days to see once and for all is I have any food allergies. I'm cutting out dairy, wheat,eggs, salicylates to name a few. After the 15 days I will reintroduce 1 food at a time for 3 days and see if I have any reaction. I have written out my grocery list for tomorrow and come Monday is when I start, wish me luck as I will certainly need it.

Tuesday 15 January 2008


weigh in
Decided to weigh in a day early as I didn't do it last week and also because Wednesday's are such a hectic day for me.

I'm please to report a loss of 1.6 kg (3.52lbs) so not a bad effort considering my week.

I'm also sorry to report since coming back to work I have not been back to the gym or done any planned exercise. With the exception of breaking a leg today, I am just going to force myself to go and JUST DO IT!

Am still undecided if I'm going to weigh on Tuesdays or Thursdays, Tuesdays are a little early for me in case of a weekend blowout, so will have to give it some more thought.

Thursday 10 January 2008


Had my dental appointment today, don't know what hurt the most, the pain or the cost. I was told my tooth was savable by putting in crown,which would cost $ 1200 - $ 1800,with my insurance covering about $500.I asked if that was gold dipped (which did not go down well - I thought it was funny!).

I hate having to make those sort of decisions when I'm vulnerable (like lying in the chair with my mouth propped open, almost as bad as being in the stirrups.) After much twoing and froing, I said "Just take it out".

Next I'm told because theres not much to grab hold on, she will have to cut the gum and break it down using the drill which is just dandy because I hate the drill noise. To me it's like someone dragging their fingers down a blackboard, you know that noise which sends shivers up your spine and makes your blood run cold.My knuckles are now white and I'm sure I'm leaving an imprint in the armrests.

An xray is taken and I'm given the needle.She has another poke around then looks at the xray, then tells me the tooth has three roots which are abnormally long with one having a hook on the end, so she will not be able to take it out and I would have to get it surgically removed! OH GREAT!! I have mental flashes when I had my wisdom teeth out 25years earlier. 4 days in hospital, 3 weeks off work, sick as a dog, lost 10kg, hmmm double take on the 10kg loss - NO, not worth it.

So, after all that, she patched it up in readiness for a crown, so I have decided to give my tooth a reprieve and get the crown done. She must have felt sorry for me as today's bill was nearly $400 which she said if I get the crown she will deduct from that bill, so it will only (says with a sarcastic tone)be around the $ 900 - $ 1400. So that's it my tooth dilemma.

My advice to you all, try and steer your kids to become Dentists, then they will be able to 1. Fix your teeth for free and 2.Support you in your declining years.

Wednesday 9 January 2008


I think today I've had one of the worst days I've had for a long time.

I had a restless sleep due to an aching tooth which I had broken at dinner time the night before. It's an old root canal I had about 12years ago, all the fillings have fallen out and I'm left with a gaping hole, that I cannot ignore. I thought when they did root canals they removed the nerve making the tooth dead and painless - WRONG!!

After waking up my stomach started to gurgle and I was having colic like pains, it felt like they were running the Grand National Steeplechase in my abdomen. Without going into details, once I sat on the "throne" I couldn't get off,consequently I was late for work on my busiest day - payday.I am not exagerating when I say I could not stand still long enough on the scales to get a weigh in - so it will have to "weight" until next week.

In my haste to get out the door, I had a mix up with my morning medication, and as I could not remember what I took I didn't take what I was supposed to, like my pain meds for my arthritis. God knows what I took but I was spacey for half the day, I know it wasn't the pain meds as I was stiff and sore all day. I am praying every ones pays are OK - Ha ha!!!

I have an appointment tomorrow morning with the dentist and I will be telling her to give me my options and the cost first, then I will make the decision. The last thing I want is to pay out hundreds of dollars on a tooth which is unsalvable. I'd rather get it taken out,it's a back molar so I'm lucky you can't see it. Can I tell you I hate dentists, I would rather have a pap smear by a one armed Gyno with Parkinson's disease, than go to the dentist - I am a big chicken.

I feel like the mouse in the picture below - I'm screwed!!!

Sunday 6 January 2008


No gym today, as it doesn't open on a Sunday (which annoys me a bit as weekends are when I have the time to go). Got a good workout though doing yard work for most of the day,trimming shrubs and sawing off branches. Lordy, I was working up a sweat with all the weeding and raking. Oscar the wonder dog was having a ball as well standing on the tree branches hitching a ride as I dragged them to the side of the house, it was so funny to see.

Today was really hot and humid, so I sure looked a treat with a beetroot coloured face and helmet hair due to the profuse sweating. I suppose the good thing is I achieved two things, one being a workout and two having a tidier yard. Just a bit worried how I'll wake up tomorrow for my first day back at work since the Xmas break.

Anyway, of to bed now to get some much needed beauty sleep - lol!!!

Friday 4 January 2008


This is my new mantra, as far as exercise is concerned.

I have done some sort of activity every day, been to the gym twice already and am not letting the usual crap and excuses get the better of me. I am stronger than they are and I am in control.

I will keep this up amd I will be a winner.

ps Just between you and me - MY MUSCLES ARE KILLING ME!! ha ha

Wednesday 2 January 2008


Squirrel 4

I hope everyone had a good new year. We as usual had a quiet one, I was in bed at 10pm but got woken up at midnight with the usual fireworks and horns going off in the neighbourhood. New years day I had a BBQ with my parents which was a nice relaxing afternoon.

Today was the start of my new life. Today is the day I have committed to get this job done once and for all. I want to be in the position this time next year and feel satisfied with my results have no regrets.

I'm not going to bore you all ( as well as me) with a list of what I'm going to do and how I'm going to do it. I want it to be as simple as possible.So to follow the name of blog it will simply be:-


That's it, no mind blowing revelation there! lol

I will be upping the ante on the exercise front as it has always been the most challenging aspect of the weight loss caper for me. I did my first session today back at the gym. I did 2 x 15 sets on the weight circuit and only managed 10 minutes on the treadmill. I started to get pains in my chest which went up to my neck, so I decided to stop just in case.

I'll be heading back again in the morning rather than the afternnon like today to avoid the heat, as it was quite hot today.

Oh, almost forgot, I weighed in today with a gain of 3kg (6.6 lbs) which I totally deserve and to be quite frank, I expected it to be more, so in one way I'm relieved.

It's onwards and upwards from here I will not be seeing that figure again!