Sunday 27 April 2008


I've got a sore gluteous maximus muscle - or in my case gluteous maximus gigantus muscle.

I've been to the gym 4 times this week - yay for me!! Just doing weights and 20 mins on the treadmill. Yesterday I had my program revised and am now using some different machines - the big boys toys as I call them where all the guys workout lifting weights with their muscle belts on. The trainer asked me for some input and I simply stated I "Didn't want to be killed" with the workout!! ha

My butt is feeling the effects of the bike seat and the treadmill workouts, but hey I'm sure it is for the best as I do feel good after it. I'm a little stiff though as I leave the gym walking like I've had a pineapple delicately placed in the nether regions.

Today hubby,daughter and I went to The Rocks in Sydney, they have a market there every Sunday.Daughter and I just browsed the stands, they have some lovely things, a bit touristy (and expensive) but nice hand crafted things.

We also had brunch at a pancake place I used to frequent in my younger days. It was yummy and yes I know, not in my food plan, but as a once in a few years thing OK. I had a short stack of buttermilk pancakes ,egg,bacon, hash browns with whipped butter and maple syrup - divine!

I go back to work tomorrow - I'm looking forward to that - NOT! I have decided I'm telling them I need to leave 1 hour earlier twice a week so I can get to the gym. I'm sick of putting 50-60 hours in a week, it's time I changed some things to benefit me for a change. Now winter is coming it's going to get dark here around 5pm, so if I leave earlier I can go to the gym and be home in time to cook dinner.

Fingers crossed I'm successful!

Wednesday 23 April 2008


Back to the traditional Wednesday weigh in.

Today's result is 126 kg (277.2lbs)so a loss overall of 1.2kg (2.64lb)from last week.

I have been the Gym twice this week already. It has been hard getting up the motivation to go, but I have forced myself and must admit I feel better in myself after the session. I already am feeling an improvement in my joints so I hope this will spur me on and keep going after I return to work again next week.

So far I am doing 2x20 reps on the weight circuit and 20 mins on the treadmill, nothing flash,but its a start. I learnt my lesson a while ago I just cannot go to hard to start with, as they say slow and steady wins the race.

There's a good mix of people at the gym I attend I actually like going in the middle of the day,as they keep the music at a level that doesn't blow your head off. When I go in the evening they play this techno rap shit so loud you cannot hear the TV even when your wearing earphones.

My daughter is currently in rehearsals for her school musical, they are doing Oklahoma! and she has one of the leads - Aunt Ella.Opening night is only 2 weeks away so I am looking forward to seeing it. If I can I will post some photos.

I picked this up from Angelfish's blog, I thought it was relevant for me and how I need to think.

Your Slogan Should Be

Kerry. Stronger than Pain.

Sunday 20 April 2008


DAY 6 126 KG

Spent the day shopping with my daughter today. I wish I wore my pedometer, I'm sure I would have done at least 10,000 steps. We were gone 6 hours and I'm exhausted to say the least.

The last shop we visited was a haberdashery store as I had to return the wool I had bought for my rug. It was all different dye lots and I could not get 30 balls in the same dye lot - pfttt!! What an experience that was, a huge store with 2 cashiers 10 people in front of me. 15 minutes later I get to the top of the queue and get told "I'm sorry we don't do returns here, you have to go to the other counter. The other counter is at the back of the store so after I trudge down there I find 8 people in front of me and it's taking twice as long to serve them. Ye gods,what has ever happened to customer service. After about 15 more minutes, I feel like saying "Excuse me, can you please call me an ambulance as I think I'm going to need it by the time I get served" as my legs were just throbbing.

Back to my title, I'm mourning the loss of my fertility.

I'm officially in menopause. I found out a couple of weeks ago,I knew it was coming but it was finally confirmed through blood tests.


I must admit I have felt pretty down about it since I found out. Stupid I know, but for some reason I feel less of a woman. Now I know how woman who have mastectomies feel, as it's that same comment I have heard from them - less of a woman. I always hoped to have another child but it was put on the back burner for things like career,health issues etc and now it is to late.

I think regret is the hardest thing to live with.

Friday 18 April 2008


DAY 4 - 126.2KG

No change on the scales, but hey I cannot loose every day can I.

Still plugging along. I have a week off work - thank god and I have had a day where no bugger from work has rung me to ask something or other - bliss!!

This morning I ran a few errands and bought some wool - I'm going to teach my self to crochet and make a blanket. I don't start small, I always go into things blazing!!! lol!

The days are getting cooler here, it's been drizzling all day and is one of those days where you could just eat warm comforting foods like soups and crusty hot bread - god I'm drooling already.

I want to take this week to get my sorry (large butt) back to the gym. I know it will help a multitude of things for me I just need to do it!!!

Thursday 17 April 2008


DAY 3 - 126.2KG

Down another .800grams,I survived the lower calorie level, though I must admit I was starving after dinner and was constantly thinking of food.

I had my extra piece of bread with a cup of tea which helped somewhat, then went to bed.Drank more water yesterday than I usually do but I always seem to stop around 2pm, so will make a effort today to keep it up until dinner to see if that helps.

I had a absolutely shitty day yesterday at work - I was here for 11 hours and was so stressed out and cranky I though my head would explode, consequently I have to make a few apologies today - fuck!

Anyway best go and get my coffee I need to wake up!

Wednesday 16 April 2008


DAY 2 - 127.2kg

Day 1 successful.

Managed to stay on track and didn't feel like eating much,probably because I was so stuffed over the weekend. 1 kg down from yesterday - yes water weight I know and I shouldn't be weighing everyday, but I feel I need to do it to keep focused.

I cut my delivered food down to 1200 calories, low I know but I'm allowed to have a extra piece of bread and fruit if I'm really hungry. I was having it anyway on the 1500 cal plan, so I thought I might give it a go for this week.

The auditors here at work are driving me batty, no wonder I want to gorge myself - ha!

Anyway best go I came in early this morning 6.30AM - I need a coffee to wake up.


Tuesday 15 April 2008


DAY 1 - 128.2 kg

I'm naming and shaming myself after seeing the number on the scales this morning.

It's time to revert back to being anal about how I deal with this. I'm letting my bad angel (emotions) take over again, it's time for my good angel( me) to step in. I have to be precise down to the last grain of rice in what I stick into my gob.

No excuses,no slip ups,if I was invited to Queen Elizabeth's birthday bash I would not go - I just have to be tough on myself.


Sunday 13 April 2008


Doing my own thing food wise on the weekends is not going well. I'm eating way to much, so I will keep to my delivered meals for all seven days from now on.

I tried out my slow cooker today, didn't make the pork dish mentioned in my last post, I changed my mind at the last minute and opted for Garlic & Herb Lamb Shanks.

I also made a Hummingbird Cake with cream cheese frosting, they were both very,very nice, I must say. I took some photos as you can see I will not make a culinary photographer!!

Friday 11 April 2008


Sorry for not being around much. It's auditing time at work, my favourite time of the year - NOT!

All I seem to be doing is spending time at work and not much time for anything else.
My diet has been going so-so, no major breakouts, but can't seem to stop picking.

Consequently the scales are going up and down faster than a brides nightie.

I bought a slow cooker last weekend and am looking forward to giving it a whirl this weekend. I have picked out a scrummy pork and pear casserole.

I'm still getting my food though only 5 days worth, leaving me the get my own on the weekends. I suppose the positive is I'm not gorging myself and there is some control.

Anyway that's all folks I am going to make myself a nice cup of twinings. I will post a weight soon.

Thursday 3 April 2008


Weighed in this morning - I stayed the same.

I am a bit surprised I must say, but not devestated as I know how much I ate over the Easter weekend.

One thing I did noticed today, my shoes were abnormally tight this morning and I had to remove the inner sole I usually wear,so I must have some fluid build up.

Anyway best go I have a busy day ahead!!

Wednesday 2 April 2008


Just a quickie. I slept in today big time and didn't weigh in.It's really stuffed my day up as Wednesday's are my busy day at work.

So my weigh in will have to wait until tomorrow.

On the positive, I FINALLY got back to the gym yesterday and plan to go again Thursday.

Gotta go,will post again tomorrow.