Saturday 6 November 2010


Well I kept to my promise of updating regularly didn't I - NOT !

I think the black dog has something to do with how my life is at the moment - no purpose and all over the place.I just can't seem to get things done they just drag on and on and I spend hours doing stuff but on the surface looks like I've done nothing. I hate it when I'm like that absolutely HATE IT !

Last time I posted I told you about my workplace injury. The pelvic fracture is getting better but the hip issue is not improving at all. To make matters worse the insurance company have declined my case which really devastated me. So now I have to get a lawyer and go through the motions of appealing which is going to be a right pain in the arse.

Oh and I sacked my Doctor, the one I had been going to for over 26 years - just fed up with his complacency and also the fact he misdiagnosed two major things this year, a bit sad really as he did his residency the same time and at the same hospital I did my nursing training.

Work is also a problem I think they are trying to give me the shove as within 30 minute of being told my case was declined I get hauled into the office and told I take too much leave and am away from work FAR two much, and I should cut down on my annual leave and long service leave.Hmmmm they have to authorise this leave before I take it so if it is a problem why do they sign off on the form and if I am entitled to the leave I should be able to take it when I freaking well want to.

Mind you they told me this 3 days before I was taking 3 weeks Long Service Leave as my mother was having a knee replacement and I was helping her and my 82 year old father out, so I question there motives.

Just found out my nephew has been in a bad motorcycle accident,has extensive facial injuries,fractured ribs sternum and a bleed on the brain.It's happened in another state so cannot go and see him straight away will see if we can get there next weekend maybe.

On the weight front - well don't ask lol! It's not good have put on weight and am disgusted in myself as my two year bandaversary is in a couple of weeks and back then I envisaged I would be under well and truly under the 100 kg mark.

As previously promised here is the shot taken of me before the wedding I spoke about in my previous post.I'm standing funny as I didn't ant a shot with the crutches.

Anyhow have to go, want to say some prayers for my nephew.