Wednesday 30 July 2008


GOOD NEWS - Weighed in today for a loss of 1.2kg (2.64 lbs) - GO ME!

BAD NEWS - Went to my Immunologist yesterday and got the berating I knew I would get which had me in tears.Every word though he said was relevant and correct and gave me the shake up I needed. To be told "Your 46, still a young woman and look at you, your a mess"! was the comment that hit home the most.

My fractures are not healing as they should and they are worried the bones are necrosing due to lack of blood supply, so I have to have a few - no alot of tests, and a complete overhaul to reassess my condition in an attempt to get me off the damn steroids I have been taking for 12 years.

I'll be away for nearly two weeks, funny thing is I'm more concerned how I'll go eating wise while I'm flat on my back. First thing I want to do is speak to the Dietitian and see if they can give me some calorie controlled meals.

Anyway bye for now and please say a prayer for me. I'll leave you again with another funny.

Wednesday 23 July 2008


Weighed in today for a 2kg (4.4lb) loss. Yay Me!

It has given me a much needed boost to my motivation.

Thinking about all the negatives obesity brings to my life every time I wanted to pick at this or scoff down a packet of chocolate biscuits has helped me enormously in the past week.

Things I need to improve on is to drink more water and secondly space my food out better. I was finding it difficult after dinner as I usually save something for supper to have with my cup of tea.

I'll leave you all with another funny - have a good week and stay strong!

Tuesday 22 July 2008


Working from home Tuesday and Thursday this week. My daughter has gone back to school so I don't have her to drive me or help me around the office being "my legs".

I have arranged for a guy from work to pick me up in the other mornings, it will be an early start 6 AM (FARK!!) which means I will have to be out of bed at 5AM as it takes me twice as long to get ready with the crutches. My boss was not impressed I wanted to work from home, don't know why but he tried to talk me out of it, but I'm sick of having to give in all the time, I always in the past put everyone first before myself, but not this time.

My food has been relatively good, though I went to a party on Saturday night and had what I wanted. I will still record a loss tomorrow but will not be as good as I could have done.

Oh well, onwards and upwards, will record my loss tomorrow, so until then adios amigos!

ps Say a prayer I win the $50 million lotto tonight - I want to retire!!!

Wednesday 16 July 2008


Still hobbling around on the crutches. I am finding the limited movement frustrating to say the least.It has highlighted to me (again) how precious good health and fitness is.I know when I go to my annual review with my immunologist in 2 weeks time I am going to get a mouthful.

I have gained weight big time,my mother told me yesterday "she has never seen me as big as I am now". This comment stung me a bit but if your mother can't tell you a few home truths, no one can.

I jumped on the scales this morning and am so disgusted I'm not even going to write down those figures here, but I can tell you I have gained half if what I lost in the past two years.

I'm back on my old program of 1500 cals a day and will blog my losses and not my weight until I have reached what my lowest weight was. It's a mind thing I know, but I seem to do better when I play these games.

Anyway best go and pay some people, have a good week to you all and I will be dropping in on your blogs more in the next week.

Friday 11 July 2008


The news I have been avoiding getting has finally been delivered.

My bone scan results were not good. I have 2 bones broken in my foot - the middle cuneiform and the navicular bone.

The irony of ironies is it's a common fracture for runners!!! You could imagine my reaction to that pearler, what a laugh. The Doctor seems to think it has been caused by my return to the gym and the treadmill. F*@K!

That old phrase comes to mind "Your damned if you do and damned if you don't".

So I'm on crutches for 4 weeks which is the pits, crutches are difficult to manoeuvre for the average person, let alone Tank Girl with the upper body strength of a flea!

My work place has been wonderful, they organised a office downstairs for me and told me if I needed to have time off just to let them know. My daughter who is on school holidays at the moment is driving me in (She's on her Learners) and helping me out in the office and they are paying her for the privilege, so she's getting some extra money which is good.

Today is my wedding anniversary - 21 years!! Time sure flies when your having fun!!