Friday 28 November 2008


Have had a mixed week, one day I feel fine and the next I feel like crap and can hardly drag myself around.

I thought at first it may be because I haven't been taking in enough calories, so I made myself some chicken and vege soup and blended the crap out of it so it was liquid enough to go up a straw. I felt better the next day, but today feel so weak and achy.

Every time I drink something I get these cramps in my belly, not from the band but from my colon, so maybe my colitis has flared up again.

I took all my dressings off and all are OK except for the one on my left which has not joined together. It is a small incision and only opened superficially so will just keep an eye on it.

As you can see my stomach is rather bruised and it is still sore but getting better everyday.

I weighed myself this morning for a loss of 5kg(11 lbs)for the week, so all is going well on that front. I'm still not hungry just miss the taste of different foods.

Monday I see the nutritionist so I hope he says I can progress to mushy foods, I'm hanging out for some mashed potatoes!!!

Monday 24 November 2008


Day 1 - Arrived at the hospital - St Vincent's Private at 6.30am and taken to the Day Surgery Unit where they get you ready for theatre. Hubby was able to come here and wait with me until I was summoned. As I was leaving they put this big blue nylon sheet on the end of the trolley,I asked if it was a body bag (yes, I still had my sense of humour!!) I was to find out later it was a Hover Mat used to lift me off the bed. They inflate it and two people can easily move a hefierlump like me.ha!

I was put in the Anaesthetic Room,so have no memory of anything after that. all I remember is being told I was being given a relaxant and my surgeon would come in and talk to me prior to surgery and I probably wouldn't remember anything, they were right I didn't.

Next it's 10.30am and I'm in recovery and told all went well. Taken back to my room (not ICU)where hubby is waiting and given some much needed drugs, the pain was quite bad, all on my left side. After a couple of hours I was taken down to XRay where they did a Barium Swallow to make sure the band was in it's correct position and not leaking, thankfully all was ok.

I am given some apple juice to have which was divine,but I'm unable to drink it all.At dinner I'm given a small bowl of clear broth and some jelly. I ask the nurses three times if I'm supposed to have the jelly but they say it's all right,so I have it and try to liquefy it as much as possible in my mouth before swallowing. At about 8.00 pm I'm told I'm in a cardiac ward and need to be moved down the the Bariatric Ward (thankfully to a private room).

I had a dreadful night with pain all down my left side, had about three hours of sleep, even the morphine did not give me much relief.

Day 2 - My surgeon came in and gave me a printout of my diet for the next few weeks, clearly written in big print is a unsuitable foods lists which jelly is on the top of the list. When I tell him I got given jelly not once but twice, he hit the roof (not at me).This happened because I was sent ot another ward because there was not a bed available for me probably because I was originally booked into ICU post op.

My meals are now consisting of 2 bowls of broth (tastes like and looks like washing water) and some diet cordial. I am only allowed to drink 50mls every 20 minutes. I must say I was struggling to do that and still am.

Day 3 - Discharged late morning with half the Pharmacy to take home with me. Feeling very bloated and sore.Everythime I drink my 50mls it feels like it's sitting in my throat as well as a big lump in my sternum which radiates to my back.

Day 4 - Today, Had a reasonable sleep, still feeling sore and still have the uncomfortable feeling when I drink. I had a shake for breakfast which takes me over 1 hour to drink,some Bonox for lunch a well as sipping water throughout the day.

I must admit I have absolutely no interest in food at the moment, actually it's a turn off for me to see any. I'm feeling a little better since I was able to do No 2's(sorry for the details) as I was feeling very bloated.

So that's it for the moment, I have to stick to 50mls of allowable liquids, I'm disappointed I'm not allowed any soups, only clear broths for 2 whole weeks, which is not worrying me at the moment, but may do as I start to fell better. Anyways it's a small price to pay. One of the nurses told me in the hospital they know of patients who have pureed McDonalds - OMG! I can't understand why anyone would want to do that to themselves after going through it all - such a waste.

So now it's just a waiting game, taking it easy and allowing myself to heal, I've resisted the urge to jump on the scales - I'm going to leave it till Friday once the week is up.

So until next time bye for now!

Sunday 23 November 2008


I came home today, it seems like Iv'e been away for a week and not just two days.

Everthing went well, I am still very sore and am having some trouble with drinking all the required fluids.

I will give you all a more detailed post mortem tomorrow after a good nights sleep as I hardly slept while in the hospital and feel pretty crappy in that regard.

Cactus,no bloody icecream but I have a story about some jelly.

Wanna, will email you later on.

I'll be back soon and show my war wounds. Bye for now.

Thursday 20 November 2008


Heard from the hospital have to be there by 6.30am - FARK!

That means getting up at 4am to leave by 5am as the hospital is right in the city and about an 1 1/2 drive from our house.

I'm first on the list at 7am!!!!

So pleased with that as I'm not waiting around.

Just had my shower with the medicated wash and I have to have another one tomorrow morning before I leave.

I feel like an expectant first time mother - a bit scared of the unknown but excited for the result.

Better go and finish packing my bag - CIAO!

Wednesday 19 November 2008


Just waiting now,counting down the days, I suppose like me, you all will be glad when it will be over and I stop talking about it.

Work is keeping me busy, as usual I've been working 10 - 12 hour days just to make sure all the loose ends are done. It will be the same when I get back trying to catch up and do everything before the Xmas holidays. One thing is certain I am coming back to work when I feel well enough to, not earlier like I always do.In the long run I don't really get any thanks for it and I want to keep to the promise I made myself back in July that I was going to put myself first from now on.

I will know tomorrow what time I need to be at the hospital, I think I will be done in the afternoon, I hope it is early afternoon so I'm not hanging around.

Trying to stay on the Optifast for two meals a day,it's hard, I am so over the sweet tastes,a good old peanut butter or vegemite sandwich would go down a treat. It's a small price to pay though so I using that to get me through.

Anyways, if I don't get a chance to post again before I go in, I'll catch you on the flipside.

Saturday 15 November 2008


Note to self, "do not type in a darkened room" - left the O out of counting and nearly had a seizure!!

The old countdown timer is getting lower folks,and I'm excited!!

Today I had a big spring clean knowing I will be out of action for the next few weeks, thank goodness Xmas is not here this year as I'd be stressing out over that. Made a few purchases from the supermarket like V8 juice and Up and Go's(liquid breakfast).

Caved in and bought some new pyjama's from Target as I only had the nice floral "heifer nighties" as I call them and I certainly didn't want to be seen dead in them. Got some really cute 3/4 leg pants and tops to match, better still they were 20% off.

I'm looking forward to fitting into my summer clothes from last year as I have gained 13kg since this time last year and feel in in my clothes. I've been flogging about 5 outfits since the weather has warmed up so it will be good to have a change I can tell you.

I've had to stop some of my medication like the anti-inflammatory's as advised by the anaesthetist as they can increase the chances of a bleeding more. I'm a bit worried as I rely heavily on them to just be mobile, so will have to just see how I go.

Anyway one more day gone and only 4 more working days - OMG!

Thursday 13 November 2008


Had my pre-admission appointment with the hospital yesterday.

After attending to some paperwork, I was taken to see a pre-admission nurse where she went through my history and explained what I can expect when I come in for the operation. She took my blood pressure, weighed me and measured me up for those beautiful and classy white stockings they use now to stop any clots forming in your legs. I got some medicated wash to use the night before and the day of the surgery to "de germ" me before I go into theatre(When I got home I showed hubby the tube and told him it was an enema which HE would have to administer - you should of seen his face it was PRICELESS!!

After all that I went in to see the anaesthetist,after he read the letter with the details on my previous op, he assured me he would still be able to go ahead with the operation, it just meant he would need some extra equipment on hand if there was a problem. The problem last time was they had trouble ventilating me due to not been able to put a breathing tube down my windpipe, due to 1. my obesity, neck extension due to arthritis and 3.a small mouth opening due to surgery I had on my jaw 18 odd years ago. Apparently the other Doctor recommended I be intubated while awake, using a camera to sight my vocal chords which scared the crapper out of me as it would be extremely uncomfortable not to mention add to my stress. Anyway all is good as he assured me I would be knocked out if he had to do it that way, so a relief I can tell you.

The other thing that knocked me for a six, was I was told I will be in ICU (Intensive Care) after the surgery for 24 hours. What the F@#k for I don't know, it's not like I'm having open heart surgery or brain surgery.Seems they consider me high risk which I think is just ridiculous,just another way to get some more money ( ($1200.00 a day - Dr's expense only)I told the Dr I would prefer not to go and could he leave the decision till after the op and see how I am.

So all it still a go for next week, my countdown timer now says 7 days - WOW can you believe how fast that time has come. All I have to do now is stick to the eating plan. - WOOHOO!!

Here's a tag from my friend Mick, you have to respond using one word only

1. Where is your cell phone? Handbag
2. Your significant other? Poker
3. Your hair? Blonde
4. Your mother? Wonderful
5. Your father? Funny
6. Your favorite thing? Shopping
7. Your dream last night? None
8. Your favorite drink? Water
9. Your dream/goal? Happiness
10. You’re in? House
11. Your fear? Snakes
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Utopia
13. Where were you last night? bed
14. What you’re not? Skinny
15. Muffins? Banana
16. One of your wish list items? Piano
17. Where you grew up? Sydney
18. The last thing you did? Loo
19. What are you wearing? Pants
20. Your TV? On
21. Your pet? Oscar
22. Your computer?
23. Your life? Stressed
24. Missing someone? No
25. Your car? Toyota
26. Something you’re not wearing? Thong
27. Favorite Store? Myers
28. Your summer? Hot
29. Your favorite color? Red
30. When is the last time you laughed? Today
31. Last time you cried? yesterday

Now it’s 4 answers
32. FOUR PEOPLE WHO E-MAIL ME? Karen,Steven,Anne,Angie
33. FOUR OF MY FAVORITE FOODS: Caramel Tarts,Steaks,Chicken,Mangoes
34. FOUR PLACES I WOULD RATHER BE RIGHT NOW? Beach,Paris,Races,Exploring

Thursday 6 November 2008


Got a call from the hospital and I need to go in for a pre admission appointment next Wednesday which is procedure for any admission. Unfortunately, while I'm there I have to see the anaesthetist which is not usually procedure. They want to discuss my last general anaesthetic I had when they had trouble intubating me. FARK! I'm cacking my daks my surgery will be postponed or worse still cancelled.

Because of this I'm going on the Opti-chuck until next Wednesday to try and lose as much weight as quickly as possible.What makes this even harder is I'll be out of town for work and staying overnight, Monday and Tuesday so I'll have to take my shakes and have them when I can and try to get out of any dinners they may have.

Oh God, please let me keep my surgery date in two weeks!!!

Tuesday 4 November 2008


Just a quicky, here are my tips for the great Melbourne Cup

Barbaricus - MY HERO, a tough and gutsy performer,he's honest with a heart as big as Phar Lap.Carrying a lightweight for this outing expect him to be one of the leaders and if he can control the pace, he will be in the finish. Expect this 3 year old to be around for a long time.

Zipping - Finished 4th last year so can handle the distance, previous performances show he's ready for a major win.

Septimus - My choice for the imported horses, anyone that wins the Irish St Ledger by 13 lengths deserves to be included.



1. Viewed
2. Bauer
3. C'est la Guerre

Now you know why I will never make it as a professional punter - end of story!!

Saturday 1 November 2008


Had a day at the races today. Our boy was running at Rosehill (Sydney track) god I love that track,very swish, little TV's on all the tables and you even get table service from the bookies.

He came home midfield, we didn't expect him to win as he was up in class and drew the widest barrier and had to race six wide all the way. The Jockey gave him a good rap though, so next time maybe.

While we were down in the mounting yard I ran into someone I used to work with 10 years and 30 kilos lighter. He also had a horse running. The first thing I thought of was "Fark, why couldn't I run into this dude after I had lost my weight". The only consolation I had was our boy beat his horse home by 8 places - nah nah nah nah nah!! - a bit childish I know!!

During the week I mistakenly emailed the photo below to one of the owners where I work. She's in her late 50's maybe and very posh and superior in her attitude to us minions. She always makes me feel like I should curtsy in the her presence and walk out backwards bowing and scraping as I leave. Well didn't I get a very curt email in reply about using work emails, and sending appropriate material blah blah blah. The stupid thing is I usually don't send this sort of thing preferring to delete them, so you can understand how mortified and embarrassed I felt - at the time.

Of course it cracked everyone else up at work and now I can laugh at it as well.
What a dickhead though , I even labelled it "Me on Halloween"!!!! ha ha

A hard lesson learnt I can tell you/