Thursday 23 April 2009


I make no apologies for this "Figjam" moment.

My lap band surgeon is extremely happy with my progress and actually chided me for feeling my weight loss has been poor.

He said as I started from a low weight ( since when is 134kg a low weight) AND taking into account my daily steroid medication, I'm doing a "wonderful" job and he is more than happy with everything.

My waist measurement has gone from 132cm to 117cm - so a loss of 15cm AND he is noticing a difference every time I come in for a consult.

I have to be happy with that! Phew a relief I must say.

Yes, once again I'm doing alright!!!!

Tuesday 21 April 2009


I'm having two planned days off work.

I decided to have these at the last minute as I have a Dr's appointment today with the lapband surgeon and it's school holidays here,so thought my daughter could do with some company.

Yesterday we went shopping and I bought a nice top and vest from my favourite store Taking Shape, some wool to knit a throw and some tyres for the car. There goes my Government Stimulus Package. For those of you who may not know the Federal Govt here is handing out a maximun of $900.00 for taxpayers in an attempt to get the economy "stimulated" again. My husbands and mine will go on our cars, new tyres for both and long overdue services - boring!!!

Last week I put some clothes on Ebay - 7 items all from Taking Shape (of course).
They all sold and I earnt $260.00, so not a bad effort. I've got a few more to list just need to get the time to do all the leg work.

In the past month Iv'e had this desire to start knitting again. I mean I usually knit every winter, but never seem to finish anything. I have a jumper and a cardigan to do. I'm on my last sleeve of each so I will finish these damn things once and for all then start on my throw.

The knitting helps me to keep my hands out of the pantry and fridge of a night. I still get the snack attacks after dinner even though my stomach is full, how long does the sugar cravings last for!!!

Anyhow better sign off and let the "Master of Disaster" (dog) out for a pee - until next time.

Thursday 16 April 2009


I know I said on my last post I was going to cut back on my weigh ins, but to tell you the truth since I made that decision to cut myself some slack coupled with my mini epiphany of finally feeling positive about my efforts has done wonders for my head issues.

Sounds dumb I know but the last few days I have felt less stressed which has had a major effect on the food I have eaten. I know I'm an emotional eater but there is definitely a direct correlation between my negative feelings and overeating.Though now with the band it's more eating the wrong foods as I'm unable to eat the quantities I did before.

Move over Dr Phil cause he comes Dr Celtic - mwaaaa!

So here are the numbers

Weight today: 114.6kg (252.12lbs)
Weight lost: 1.1kg (2.42lbs)
Total weight lost: 19.2kg (42.24lbs)


Tuesday 14 April 2009


Hope you all had a great Easter.

Mine was quiet which is just how I like it.

I had my folks over for Sunday lunch, I cooked a Maple Syrup Glazed Ham which was very nice and also a White Chocolate cake with White Chocolate Ganache.

It looked divine but tasted crappy. Even though I followed the recipe directions precisely the cake came out too hard and you needed a jackhammer to cut the damn thing.

Consequently I only had one piece which I suppose in the long run was a good thing.

My request for no chocolate was taken and I only received one small bunny which I gave to my daughter. I did though have a hot cross bun on Good Friday.

I have been thinking about cutting out my weekly weigh ins and maybe extending them to fortnightly or even monthly.I think I'm putting too much stress on myself as I have been comparing myself to others who are achieving more weight loss than myself over a similar period and feeling a bit letdown.

I mean all of our circumstances are different right, but it's hard sometimes not to bash yourself around the head when your not doing as well as the others.

My biggest hurdle is my head,and today after thinking about some things I actually told myself "Your doing alright".

I've managed to lose nearly 19kg, I'm feeling a lot better than I've felt in a long time.I hold down a full time job which is not just a 38 hour week, but can go up to 50 hours oer week. I run a household, I organise my family.

All this while dealing with Depression and a Auto Immune Disease causing chronic pain, yes Celtic Girl is doing alright!

Thursday 9 April 2009


Won't be around for the next few days so I hope you all have a happy and relaxing Easter.

Weigh in will have to "weight" until next week. Determined to make my stomach a chocolate free zone, but will partake in a hot cross bun on Good Friday - yummy.

Here's an oldie but a goody - take care everyone!

Tuesday 7 April 2009


One of the guy's at work recently commented on how much weight I had lost and how it was "really noticeable".

It was one of those casual off handed comments which took me a little by surprise - a nice surprise I might add. It made me think about how things have changed for me since losing the 18 odd kilos to date.

So I decided to jot the main things down so I can look back on these and hopefully add to them as I go along.

1.I can do a day's worth of housework now where before I'd be lucky to get half of it done before feeling shattered.

2.I have more energy than I did before

3.Even though I still get down or depressed there is a light at the end of the tunnel attitude now and I rarely feel like I'm back in the bottomless pit.

4.I am calmer at work and not getting frustrated at minor things like I used to.

5. My joint pains are improved - not gone but improved.

6. I have dropped a couple of sizes in clothes

7. My shoes are looser and some have to be thrown out because they are way to wide now for my feet

8. I no longer have to contort my body in weird ways just to cut or paint my toenails - woohoo!

9. My fortnightly massages are becoming enjoyable and relaxing and not torture as they once were due to all the excess fat.

I still have a long way to go (as my surgeon keeps on telling me - no shit Sherlock!)
but I'm getting some runs on the board.My areas for improvement are definitely exercise,being more consistent with the food AND getting the waste works working properly.


Friday 3 April 2009


Wow, it's been 3 weeks since I last recorded a official weigh in - where does the time go.

Today's weight is 115.7kg (254.54lbs) so a loss of 1.3kg (2.86lbs).

Eating has been under control, my restriction is still good but I think I could manage some more in my band.

My hunger is pretty much in control most of the day though I still have some sugar cravings in the late afternoon and after dinner.

I've been having those Nescafe Skim Cappuccino sachets with some sweetener in the afternoons which help out and at night when it's bad I nibble on 1 ginger nut biscuit.

The bowels are still not great and it's now been 5 days without going again so I may just have to bite the bullet and get the Movacol.

Hey that's a idea - bullets - you know the chocolate covered licorice ones - now they sure make me go!!!!!