Tuesday 14 April 2009


Hope you all had a great Easter.

Mine was quiet which is just how I like it.

I had my folks over for Sunday lunch, I cooked a Maple Syrup Glazed Ham which was very nice and also a White Chocolate cake with White Chocolate Ganache.

It looked divine but tasted crappy. Even though I followed the recipe directions precisely the cake came out too hard and you needed a jackhammer to cut the damn thing.

Consequently I only had one piece which I suppose in the long run was a good thing.

My request for no chocolate was taken and I only received one small bunny which I gave to my daughter. I did though have a hot cross bun on Good Friday.

I have been thinking about cutting out my weekly weigh ins and maybe extending them to fortnightly or even monthly.I think I'm putting too much stress on myself as I have been comparing myself to others who are achieving more weight loss than myself over a similar period and feeling a bit letdown.

I mean all of our circumstances are different right, but it's hard sometimes not to bash yourself around the head when your not doing as well as the others.

My biggest hurdle is my head,and today after thinking about some things I actually told myself "Your doing alright".

I've managed to lose nearly 19kg, I'm feeling a lot better than I've felt in a long time.I hold down a full time job which is not just a 38 hour week, but can go up to 50 hours oer week. I run a household, I organise my family.

All this while dealing with Depression and a Auto Immune Disease causing chronic pain, yes Celtic Girl is doing alright!


Anonymous said...

relax on the weight, you have done enough and taking a small and judicious break can be good for your mental attitude!!

Margaret said...

Damn right you are doing great, you have been thru a lot...time to give yourself a pat on the back, and relax. Cheers

Chris H said...

Oh course you are doing alright... more than alright if you ask me! Well done on being strong over Easter too.

Tania said...

You do alright? Who are you kidding? You're a LEGEND! To juggle all that while still managing to lose 19kgs is an awesome effort - hold your head up and be proud girl, one step at a time those extra kilos will come off!

CactusFreek said...

Too right, you are doing alright! 19ks is awesome! And everything else you're wonder woman geez! lol

That cake looked great. It's good that it didn't taste as good as it looks though :o)

Nola said...

My word you are!!! You are doing a marvellous job....don't ever doubt that!! You did a fantastic job over the eggs!! 19kgs is awesome...I only hope I can reach that inspire me!!