Thursday 29 October 2009


Weighed in today at 116.6 kg (256.52lbs) which is a loss this week of 1.5 kg ( 3.3lbs) - go me!

The best part of all is I didn't feel deprived or hungry once and was able identify when I'd had enough. Fingers crossed I've found my sweet spot in regards to my restriction level.

So that's a total of 3.9 kg (8.58 lbs) since 12th October and I haven't even started to exercise yet.

Unfortunately my holidays are over and today was my first day back at work which was quiet, thank goodness due to my boss being away. I'm sure that will change once he returns on Monday - bugger!

Well I didn't cross much off my holiday to-do list but hey I must have done something right as everyone was telling me today how great I looked. I think my new hair colour and cut may have helped with that.

My daughter is continuing on with her final exams, she only has one left - drama and not until 12th November, so now it will be a wait for her results then to see what universities she is offered a place at, what see needs to do now is get a part time job.

Anyhow time for bed as I'm exhausted - ciao!

Monday 19 October 2009


My new restriction is working well I weighed in today at 118.1kg (259.8 lbs) recording a loss of 2.4 kgs ( 5.2 lbs).

Had a few problems with food getting stuck but really is my own fault as I didn't chew it properly on one occasion and then scoffed the food down because I was upset on another occasion.

I'm learning that taking the time to chew properly and saviour food has helped with the head hunger issue,as previously after eating my cup of food I would feel I haven't had enough to eat even though my stomach felt full.

As mentioned previously I want to get back to the gym these holidays but am finding I'm waking up with a serious headache every morning which dosen't go until mid afternoon, so don't know why that is, might have to get my blood pressure checked.

Anyway better go and start my ironing - dang!

Friday 16 October 2009


Since I started my holidays on Monday I have been fluffing around and not achieving all the great and wonderful things I planned to do.

My week so far has gone like this

Monday - Visit to Lap band surgeon and fill - 3/4 day

Tuesday - Fluffing around at home (not really doing anything) then afternoon with
the Tax Accountant.

Wednesday - Take daughter to school to attend study sessions,visit the shops and do
some groceries.Pick up daughter from school.

Thursday - Go into work for 3 hours (Yes I'm a sucker for punishment) then drop by
Tax Accountant to pick up our tax returns and find out how much we are not getting back - ha!

Friday - Go back to shops to try on this gorgeous top I saw, then come back home
to contemplate my navel rather than do some much needed housework.

So my first week is nearly over - egad!

Must be better prepared for next week this is what I want to achieve

1. Start back at the gym
2. Investigate aqua aerobic classes
3. Start my spring cleaning for Xmas
4. Go to the movies with my daughter
5. Spend some time with my mother
6. Visit my Aunt(who has been unwell)

On band news I'm happy to report my band is

I am now satisfied after my smaller meals and am not constantly thinking about what I can eat next. The downside is I cannot eat steak anymore as I tried some last night and no matter how small a mouthful I took and chewed the crap out of it, it still got stuck. So really for me it's a small price to pay for having the desired restriction. I have already started to drop some weight so all in all I'm happy with it.

Better be off and get dressed for my fluff around today - have a good weekend all.

Tuesday 13 October 2009


Went back to see my Lapband Surgeon for a follow up visit - I have gained nearly 5 kilos since my last visit.

Then went and had a fill to find out I didn't have 6 mls in my band as thought but only 4 mls which explains why I have been so darn hungry all the time and gained some weight.I now wish I had done something about it earlier as February was the date of my last fill.

I now have 7 mls in a 10 ml band and feel very tight, which is what I want. I need to get into the "tough love" space again. It works for me.

I now have to be extra, extra careful with taking smaller mouthfulls and ensuring I chew,chew,chew(having said that I'm currently having trouble with a slice of toast I havn't chewed properly)

I'm currently on holidays and I plan to use this tiome to get back into the gym again but wont be going to today as I have a monster headache and am supposed to see the tax accountant later on.

Better go I feel like I have a brick in my chest - time for a PB!!!