Saturday 28 November 2009


Dog wonder is back home at last!

My boy came home last Monday quite a bit wobbly on his feet due to the medication, but at his loving best. He also have us quite a laugh sporting a new hairstyle that we nicknamed the Lobotomy Buzz Cut as shown below.

The vet bill came to a gobsmaking $4K but I'm relieved we now know what the problem is and not having to worry about more sinister things.

When the vet brought him in to us it took about 30 secs for him to register who we were and then he went nuts. I think he thought we had abandoned him. As you can see from the picture below I think Oscar's also happy to be home.

We also attended my daughter school formal. It as held right on the harbour under the Sydney Harbour Bridge - such a picturesque place.

She looked beautiful and here are some photos with her proud parents.

We stayed in a very swish hotel for the night and spoilt ourselves for the next 24 hours - oh the lifestyles of the rich and famous! lol!

Saturday 21 November 2009


Oscar the dog wonder is on the improve.

His MRI and brain fluid tests have come back negative for Pug Encephalitis I am so happy as the Encephalitis was the worst case scenario and would have been a death sentence as it's a progressive disease without any cure.

They are treating him for Epilepsy and adding some extra meds so if he responds well to them he may be able to come home tomorrow. He will need to be on these meds for the rest of his life but this is the best case scenario we could have asked for.

What a major relief to know my boy's condition is treatable. The vet told me this morning he is not handling life in cage (who could blame him) and look depressed and has been a bit snappy when they go to do something to him.

I can't blame him as I know whats its like to be poked and prodded and he doesn't understand they are only trying to help him. I can't wait to see him and get him home - I have really missed the little bugger.

I realised earlier that today is my one year bandanniversary - wow! It hard to believe this time last year I had the op and also the start of all my problems I had with it.

So to commemorate this auspicious occasion I had another weigh in today to record a weight of 113.9kg (250.58 lbs) with a loss of .800 kg(1.76 lbs) since my last weigh in 4 days ago - so am very happy with that.

I still think I made the right decision even taking into account all the problems I had after surgery and the up and down weight loss. Since my last fill 5 weeks ago I have had good losses and feel it's now adjusted to do what is supposed to do. I am no longer fantasising about what I can eat and am amazed at how little I'm actually eating.

All in all I'm a happy camper and will be even happier when I get my boy home!!!

Thursday 19 November 2009


Oscar my dog aka Fatty Boombalarta is critically ill in a doggie specialist hospital near the city.

Some time ago I mentioned he started to have fits and my local vet has been treating him for epilepsy.Things have been going ok up until now when started having fits every 2-3 hours then every 1 hour. It was so horrible to watch and I felt helpless.

We took him to the hospital early yesterday morning and he was admitted and given some sedation and meds to stop the fitting and give his wee brain a rest.

Initial testing (bloods( came back normal and tonight he is having a MRI to see if his brain is swollen or there is some other nasty, pending that they will then do a Spinal Tap as the Dr thinks it may be Pug Hydrocephalus.

I'm a bit of a mess at the moment as my dog is like a child to me and I love him to bits - he's the one that loves me no matter what I do and I missed his little pushed in face and all the kisses he bestow on me.

Say a prayer for my boy and hope there is nothing sinister.

Tuesday 17 November 2009


On a roll in regards to the weight loss.

Weighed in today at 114.7kg (252.34lbs) so a loss in 6 days of 1.2kgs (2.64lbs).

Obviously the restriction is going well, but now I'm also finding I'm not craving the crap so much, I even declined a Magnum (Chocolate Covered ice cream) the other day and knocked back some Lindt chocolate - strike me pink! - that's never happened before - lol!

In regards to the sleep or lack of it, my Doctor said it will eventually pass so I just have to ride it out,she gave me some other tablet to take which once I found out what is was I decided against it.

My overall mood has been good and I certainly have more motivation to do more tasks now, lets hope it also helps with public enemy number 1 - procrastination.

I hope to post some more progress photos soon, maybe take some next week at my daughter's end of school formal. They are having it at a reception venue overlooking Sydney Harbour, we have all booked in to a nice hotel in the city so am looking forward to that.

Anyway must away and get ready for work - adios amigos!

Wednesday 11 November 2009


A quick visit to record my latest weight.

115.9kg so a loss of .700 kg (1.56lbs) Happy it is still having a downward trend.

Back at work now and it has been hectic, hence my lack of postings and blog reading.

Having some trouble with my sleep at the moment. Have been averaging 5 hours of sleep a night due to a change in my anti-depressants for the past 3 weeks.Going back to see the Dr on Friday as I cannot go on like this as I am taking a sleeping tablet so god knows what it would be like without it.

Dr changed my meds as this is a new drug which they have had good results with people who have chronic pain like me. The first two weeks coming off the old meds and introducing the new ones were hell I must say. Pain was so bad I had to get some crutches to walk and was very teary.

The mood now is better and I feel like I have more get up and go and more importantly I'm taking less pain meds so in that regards there has been an improvement - it's just the damn sleep issue, so will have to wait and see.

Anyway better go work awaits!