Saturday 21 November 2009


Oscar the dog wonder is on the improve.

His MRI and brain fluid tests have come back negative for Pug Encephalitis I am so happy as the Encephalitis was the worst case scenario and would have been a death sentence as it's a progressive disease without any cure.

They are treating him for Epilepsy and adding some extra meds so if he responds well to them he may be able to come home tomorrow. He will need to be on these meds for the rest of his life but this is the best case scenario we could have asked for.

What a major relief to know my boy's condition is treatable. The vet told me this morning he is not handling life in cage (who could blame him) and look depressed and has been a bit snappy when they go to do something to him.

I can't blame him as I know whats its like to be poked and prodded and he doesn't understand they are only trying to help him. I can't wait to see him and get him home - I have really missed the little bugger.

I realised earlier that today is my one year bandanniversary - wow! It hard to believe this time last year I had the op and also the start of all my problems I had with it.

So to commemorate this auspicious occasion I had another weigh in today to record a weight of 113.9kg (250.58 lbs) with a loss of .800 kg(1.76 lbs) since my last weigh in 4 days ago - so am very happy with that.

I still think I made the right decision even taking into account all the problems I had after surgery and the up and down weight loss. Since my last fill 5 weeks ago I have had good losses and feel it's now adjusted to do what is supposed to do. I am no longer fantasising about what I can eat and am amazed at how little I'm actually eating.

All in all I'm a happy camper and will be even happier when I get my boy home!!!


CactusFreek said...

Well that's just awesome news all round! Poor Oscar. How long till he comes home?

New Moon was great! Have you read the books? [Has your daughter?]
The book was based on emotional turmoil [I cried soooo much during that book!!]whitch is hard to translate to a movie [especialy a low budget one like the Twilight saga] but i thought they did a pretty good job, considering. The ending sucked a bit, but they had to do it that way or the movie would have to go for another hour. Not that we woulda minded :o)

Tania said...

Good news all round! Hope Oscar's back home sooner rather than later! A year already, wow that times has gone quickly! I'm so glad that with everything that's gone on you still see the positives, it's important to not lose sight of them.

Chris H said...

Yaaa Oscar is getting better.
And Happy Anniversary.. you are doing well.

Nola said...

That is wonderful news about your gorgeous little pug!! My old Rosie dog used to take heart tablets for the last 6yrs of her just became 2nd nature:)
One year....that went fast!! It was one year for me last month.