Saturday 28 November 2009


Dog wonder is back home at last!

My boy came home last Monday quite a bit wobbly on his feet due to the medication, but at his loving best. He also have us quite a laugh sporting a new hairstyle that we nicknamed the Lobotomy Buzz Cut as shown below.

The vet bill came to a gobsmaking $4K but I'm relieved we now know what the problem is and not having to worry about more sinister things.

When the vet brought him in to us it took about 30 secs for him to register who we were and then he went nuts. I think he thought we had abandoned him. As you can see from the picture below I think Oscar's also happy to be home.

We also attended my daughter school formal. It as held right on the harbour under the Sydney Harbour Bridge - such a picturesque place.

She looked beautiful and here are some photos with her proud parents.

We stayed in a very swish hotel for the night and spoilt ourselves for the next 24 hours - oh the lifestyles of the rich and famous! lol!


Chris H said...

$4 thousand! OMG you buggers must be rich!
I am sure he is worth every cent... he looks so happy to be home.
The photos of your daughter and you two are lovely too.
I love Sydney .... so pretty there.

Mick said...

$4k I've just converted that to our money and that was expensive.

Good you've got it sorted though, I'm pleased.

Pics look great.

Tania said...

Ouch to the vet bill, but at least he's better and back home again.

What lovely photos - and no doubt lovely memories too!