Tuesday 1 March 2011

Good God - A Post !!!!

You would think my nimble little sausage fingers would be punching the crap out my keyboard in the frenzy of telling you everything that has happened since I last posted in November (Gawd! has it been that looooong!)

I have heaps to tell you, so much so I am having trouble relaying it in some sort of comprehensible structure which is pissing off my perfectionist self.

I will give it a go.

The injury I suffered at work has been a major factor of my life since I last posted. Still having moderate/severe pain in my hip,foot and pelvis,still can only sleep for 4 hours in bed before having to get up and sleep in the recliner and only if I take something to knock me out.Starting to worry about getting addicted to the pain meds.Went to a injury specialist just before Xmas and he said I had would be permanently disabled and suffer from this for the rest of my life and will need surgery down the track on my hip and sacral area - Oh goodie !

Life has been pretty boring as I cannot just up and go out to simple things like shopping as if I walk for longer than 10 mins my hip,lower back and nether regions go into spasm and causes great pain. The next day I feel like Ive run the London Marathon.Housework is near non existent and it is hard to get anyone to do anything without asking them, which then causes me more stress as their reaction is like I've asked them to donate me one of their kidneys.

Work has not been too supportive , I continued to be victimised or "micromanaged" by one of the Managers, as that's how he operates when he wants someone to leave, I've seen it with 3 other people who DON'T work there anymore.Suffice to say I'm someone when backed into a corner no matter how stressed or traumatised I am, will come out fighting like a banshee.Good news is he resigned last week - yay!so now we will see if it was just him or he was doing someone highers dirty work.

What pisses me off is I did this at work and after being a loyal and trusted employee for 12 years you would think I had some credibility and they would know my ethics. It only tells me they 1) Don't believe me (and the 6 Dr's I have seen) and 2) Once you become a liability your no use to them as it "Will only increase our insurance premiums"

The case is still with the lawyers and we will know in the next 1-2 months where we stand and if we have to take it to the Commission.

My daughter moved back home after Uni ended last year and her dreams of moving in with friends have been squashed as she expected Mummy & Daddy to pay which we did last year (after her scholarship ran out mid year).I told her we could not sustain paying for everything and that if she had a job and helped contribute we would be able to help out.Well that was like talking to a brick wall, not interested in getting a job which frustrates the hell out of me. I can't understand why you would not want to earn money and become more independent. I love my daughter very much - in fact she's been the one who helps me keep it together but giving her everything is not teaching her life skills.

I think I will call it for now as my bum and back is starting to ache - time to pop some pills!!

Back soon with Part 2 !