Monday 29 September 2008


I've knuckled down in the last week with the diet. I had sort of been piss farting around with it thinking I had enough time to lose some weight before the surgery.

I think the idea of if I didn't lose enough "pre-surgery" weight they would cancel my surgery has motivated me enough to start and stay on the blasted thing. The last week has been hard - bloody hard but to my credit I have stayed on track.

That's the problem with these low carb diets, the first week is the hardest, in regards to the headaches and the hunger pains. If you can get over the first week you'll do OK - well that's how it is for me anyway.

The other problem is the monotony, shake for breakfast, fruit mid morning,soup or shake for lunch with a garden salad, then 120g lean meat for dinner with veges all low carb of course.

The morning shakes are palatable but the soups leave a lot to be desired, which says a lot as I am someone who can eat anything (hence why I am obese). The soups are so feral I'm not going to order anymore, even though I haven't tasted this, they taste like they have been soaked in gym socks - YUK!!

The good points of this diet are you don't have to think about what your going to have,the weight loss results are good and I can honestly say I feel better within my self and have more energy.

The fact that this is all for a greater cause is keeping me sane because really I'm having some pretty drastic intervention in regards to the surgery so I need to put in the effort as well,as the problem wont be fixed by the Lapband alone.

Sunday 21 September 2008


I've been home with the flu since Wednesday, it swept through my workplace and has claimed many a victim.

I totally lost my voice which had everyone at work jumping around with glee, all the "boys" had to come in and have a dig and say some smart arsed comment about "making up for lost time" etc.

So the next day I made a sign that said "I may have lost my voice but I have found this" to which I raised an old cricket bat in my other hand from under my desk. The look on their faces was priceless. hence to say I won that round! lol!

Being so ill, I haven't paid much attention to my diet, not overeating, but not following the low carb regime. I started it yesterday and went out and bought some Optifast shakes and soups. Yes, I know I said I didn;t want to start these, but if I don't lose any weight by my next visit in a couple of weeks, I'll have to go on them for 3 meals a day. At least if I'm losing I can alternate between the shakes and home cooking, as long as I stay within my allowances.

The weather here has been hot since yesterday 34 degrees Celsius, and it's only 20 days into spring, looks like we are in for one long hot summer, it is a pity I wont have my bikini body ready in time! ha ha ha!

Oh and Spider, I wont be flashing my before photos until I have made some progress with the weight loss, don't want to spoil the mystery now do I! LOL!!!

PS I'm so hungry and it's two hours until dinner - FAAARK!!

Sunday 14 September 2008


In answer Cactusfreek's question re my last post.

The diagram shows some conditions that are related to obesity and the results this particular research had with their patients. Cactus also asked me if I felt "healthier" now I had decided to have the surgery. I don't feel healthier - yet, I certainly feel relieved that there is a "light at the end of the tunnel", mix that with being a little scared of the unknown like "Will this really work" and "Am I going to be sick with it" pretty much sums up the emotions.

I haven't started my low carb eating plan yet, I wanted a couple of days where I didn't think about what I was eating - a final swansong if you like. Yes, I know this is not the thing to be doing, so lets say it was my way of saying goodbye to all of my eating demons.

I am now committing myself to the plan and intend to take on board everything they Dr's say and recommend from now on.My eating plan is easy to follow, I have a list of foods I can eat, if it's not on the list I cannot have it. I must eat 100grams of protein for breakfast, 150 grams for lunch and 200 grams for dinner with heaps of free vegetables. No pasta,rice,potatoes,peas,corn,pumpkin , maximum of 2 slices of Rye bread per day and no eating between meals (if I'm really starving I'm allowed a diet yogurt, oh and 2 litres of H20 as well.

I'll take my weight and measurements tomorrow as my start for this whole process and maybe some photos as well.


Tuesday 9 September 2008


Today I had my visit to the Endocrinologist who will monitor me from a dietary point of view prior and following my Lapband surgery.

We just went over my "fat" history, what I have tried (just about everything except jaw wiring) the successes (not many) and the failures(to many to write).

He weighed me (down 4 kg's since my hospital admission)measured my height (eek! Iv'e strunk) and took my waist measurement( was too afraid to look and see if he needed two tape measures)

Because my surgery is 10 weeks away he's wants me to follow a high protein,low carbohydrate and low fat diet for 4-6 weeks to see how I go, If I am reasonably successful with that I wont have to go on the Optifast - WOOHOO ! that's music to my ears,as I feel like I have had my throat cut on the dreaded shakes.

While I was there I also saw my Immunologist, all is good so far, (except for the blood pressure) and I don't have to go back to see him until I'm admitted for the surgery, where he will come and see me in the ward. I'm happy about that as It's a one and a half hour drive there and back, plus a day off work, not to mention the city traffic and bloody exorbitant parking charges if your lucky to find one, fortunately my hubby comes with me and does the driving.

I found this picture while looking for information on Lapbanding and thought it was pretty powerful. I have about 5 - 6 things on this diagram, but the thing that really stood out for me, flashing like a neon light was the the very last item, bottom left,"Quality of Life improved in 95% of patients"

OH god, can I please have it now!!!!

Monday 1 September 2008


Today is my birthday - 47 years young.

Like most of us I don't feel 47, I still feel (in my head) like I'm in my 20's even though the body wouldn't agree with me, it's saying more 67 (at the moment)

I'm feeling optimistic though, the more I research and read abut my upcoming lapband surgery, the more I feel it is the right thing to do for me. I even considered today ringing the Dr and asking him if he could do me earlier as 12 weeks seems a long time.

The photo below was taken before one of my birthday parties, I don't know how old I was, but I look loved don't you think. The dress I remember my mother knitting for me and the beautifully coiffed hair my mother always took pains to do, she always said "if your hair looks good you look good", which is somthing that carried with me into adulthood.

Even my beautiful dog Prince is looking at me with adoration, what a dog he was,such a beautiful nature,I used to ride him around the backyard like a horse, he was so big, a Great Dane/German Shepherd Cross.

The rolling hills in the background were part of a dairy farm, bought out many years later by the government which became the course for the Equestrian event in the Sydney Olympics in 2000.