Sunday 21 September 2008


I've been home with the flu since Wednesday, it swept through my workplace and has claimed many a victim.

I totally lost my voice which had everyone at work jumping around with glee, all the "boys" had to come in and have a dig and say some smart arsed comment about "making up for lost time" etc.

So the next day I made a sign that said "I may have lost my voice but I have found this" to which I raised an old cricket bat in my other hand from under my desk. The look on their faces was priceless. hence to say I won that round! lol!

Being so ill, I haven't paid much attention to my diet, not overeating, but not following the low carb regime. I started it yesterday and went out and bought some Optifast shakes and soups. Yes, I know I said I didn;t want to start these, but if I don't lose any weight by my next visit in a couple of weeks, I'll have to go on them for 3 meals a day. At least if I'm losing I can alternate between the shakes and home cooking, as long as I stay within my allowances.

The weather here has been hot since yesterday 34 degrees Celsius, and it's only 20 days into spring, looks like we are in for one long hot summer, it is a pity I wont have my bikini body ready in time! ha ha ha!

Oh and Spider, I wont be flashing my before photos until I have made some progress with the weight loss, don't want to spoil the mystery now do I! LOL!!!

PS I'm so hungry and it's two hours until dinner - FAAARK!!


Tania said...

OMG @ the weather!!! Although I did hear on the grapevine that Adelaide's expecting 29 degrees by the end of the week - not sure how i'll cope ... lol

You do what you have to do to get that weight off girl - it won't be long now before you're off this whole diet roundabout once and for all.

Hope you're back to being 100% really soon (otherwise you might just need to use that cricket bat ... lol)

Nola said...

I can't believe that weather either! It is raining, windy freezing cold here and about 12 degrees!...sob I am on days off..can't do much outside...hence the extra computer time! he he
Sorry to hear you haven't been well.

Outrider said...

Actually, even after the bypass or lap-band you will still be on a diet. Just this weekend I was talking to this girl who was on her second gastric bypass.

She was at the gym, bigger than a house and had already lost 40 lbs. She had the GB done five years earlier the first time. After a while, she stopped watching her food and eventually she blimped up to mega-obese once again.

So the surgery may get you down to normal size, but then you have to still diet in order to stay normal size!!

P.S. Sorry about your cold. I hate them, they sap all the strenght and energy from your body!!

Mick said...

Having a cold/flu is tough but even worse when the weather is so hot.
Take Care & get well soon.

Spider63 said...



CactusFreek said...

You better step up the carb diet or your doctor will make you wait longer for the surgery :o/

The cricket bat thing is funny! lol

Spider just wants to see your boobs, you know that right? lol

Nona said...

LOL!!! Send some heat this way baby. Loved the cricket bat!!! Perhaps, you'll lose some weight just because you're ill.