Thursday 30 July 2009


Came home today with a diagnosis - praise be to the Lord!

Seems I have Diverticulitis to add to by bow of complaints.

For those you don't know this is a condition of the large intestine where pockets form in the bowel.It is a by product of being constipated,so for all you lapband gals and any body else for that matter,don't ignore being constipated like I have.

Anyhow problems start when waste material (poosies) get trapped in the pockets and they get infected causing pain,fevers and generally feeling like shit.Being regular stops the pockets from filling end getting infected,so the aim is to be regular.

Also I have to steer clear of anything with seeds,nuts grains as these can get caught as well.

So armed with some antibiotics, laxatives and ampoule's of a anti spasmodic I have to inject when I get an attack I was happily discharged this afternoon.

I'm happy to have a diagnosis as I was getting sick and tired of bouncing off various Doctors with my complaints.

Being in hospital when you really are not sick sucks, the days drag on and the highlight of the days are when my meal come.

Speaking of the meals Chris asked me if the food was good. The food is magnificent especially for hospital food. Today at lunch I had Fillet Mignon with herb butter. Very yummy indeed,last night I had a Chicken and Mango Salad which had the most divine orange mint dressing.

My tactic was to have what I wanted but I only ate half of everything, so I did not feel deprived. I stayed away from the snacks in between, as there were things like individual pecan pies, date scones,triple chunk chocolate cookies which looked yummy.

They also made the best hot chocolates and cappuccinos, really the food is restaurant grade and always came hot which is one thing I'm fussy about, I like my food and not lukewarm. So considering all of that I'm happy how I handled the eating side of things.

I'm going to stay home tomorrow and go back to work on Monday.

On Saturday I will be going out to lunch with 5 of my high school friends. It will be the first time in what 25 years we are all together for a reunion.My bestie is heading off the live in Singapore as her hubby is a merchant banker for a Canadian bank and his job has been relocated there - boohoo!

You know even though we only see each other a couple times a year I will miss her as she is the only other person who really knows and understands me - the other one is my mother, so it will be a sad day - for me anyhow.

So that's it for me - catch you later!

Tuesday 28 July 2009


Yes, we are live from my hospital bed, feeling a little battle fatigued.

I had a colonoscopy and gastroscopy yesterday,boy did that pack a punch or what. I lost 5kg's during the bowel prep alone, gives a new meaning to being "full of shit" dosen't it.

Results were good though, no colitis,no nasties.

Today had an abdominal ultrasound targeting my liver, and gave enough blood to feed Transylvania for a week. We are patiently waiting for a no 2 sample to happen, why they did not get this while I was having the bowel prep I don't know.

I think the upshot of all this is they just have no idea what the f#ck is wrong and I'm starting to feel like a fraud as I haven't had a bad attack for two weeks now which in one way is good)but I would have liked to have had one here so they could witness it first hand.I see the $200 man again tomorrow, maybe he'll just give up and send me home.

I have a private room and a nice view of the City skyline, room faces west and gets bloody hot in the afternoon, so hot I need to have my fan on (and it's supposed to be winter here!)

To be honest I haven't been on the laptop much mainly because I don't want a lot of people seeing me on it as there is no place to lock it away and I would hate to get it nicked, if you remember my last visit here I had my purse and mobile phone stolen.
Also haven't really has the time and felt much like sitting on a computer, so really it was a bit pie in the sky thinking I would do heaps of work on it.

Anyway better go and settle down for the night - cheerio folks!

Wednesday 22 July 2009


Well, I'm silently praying I get a phone call telling me they are postponing my hospital stay in favour of keeping beds free for Swine Flu patients but I don't like my chances as I'm going into a private hospital.

I'm really NOT looking forward to having to spend more time in hospital but what can I do about it.

I have been working flat out like a lizard drinking at work trying to tie up loose ends before I go, I convinced them to buy me a laptop so I can log into our system through remote access and do some work, so I'll have plenty of time on my hands to read every one's blogs now.

Remember a few weeks ago I told you about my doggie having a seizure, well on Sunday night he had 3 in the space of 10 hours - very scary. So off to the vet's we went and he is now on tablets for epilepsy to see if they help. I have been letting him sleep with me the last two nights,as he usually sleeps in the laundry but I'd hate for him to have a seizure and no one is around to help him if he got into trouble, as he stops breathing while having them.

This is just what I need now as I'll be so worried for him while I'm in hospital as hubby and daughter panic when he has one and don't do anything to help him. I'd be devastated if anything happened to him while I was away - the little bugger is like my other child.

Other news, my uncle's horse won today at Randwick at 25/1 odds - WOOFREAKINHOO! Pity I didn't have more than my usual $10 on it.Couldn't get there had to listen to it on the radio at work and nearly screamed the office down and will be definitely staying up late tonight to watch the reply on Sky Channel.

Anyway bye for now and I hope to post before I go in.

Thursday 16 July 2009


If I was an animal I'd probably be put down, unless of course if I had me as an owner - Ha!

I had my appointment with the Immunologist on Tuesday to be told I was being admitted straight away as things have gone a bit pear shaped.I had a time convincing him I could not come in straight away due to work commitments (my boss is away O/S and I'm the money lady)so we agreed on the 26th July and I'll be there at least a week!

For f*cks sake - here we go again,you know it will be a year to the day when I was admitted last year and that was a two week marathon of getting things shoved in every orifice and cavity I owned. It was that admission where I was advised to get a lap-band and had my first consult with the surgeon and we all know THAT story afterwards - who could forget!!!!

What can I do though, I know I have to go in and get things sorted and I also need to try and stay calm and go with the flow as it's just not worth worrying about things I cannot change, but it hard I can tell you. Consequently my band has been sooooo tight and even the tiniest amount of food is getting stuck and hard to get down.

Well at least this time my weight will not be 134kg, so maybe I'll fit into those gorgeous gowns better and wont be flashing my derriere as much.

The weekend will be spent looking for new pj's as all the ones I'm wearing at home are just about falling off me and could be mistaken as tarpaulins or something from rent-a-tent!

Darlings,if I'm going in to the lions den I need to look glamorous!!!

Thursday 9 July 2009


Well another wasted $90.00 and half a day after my specialists appointment yesterday.

Can't tell me why I'm getting these blimin pains he does not think it is related to the band (which I tend to agree with him) suggested I go and have another Colonoscopy and a Gastroscope so he can be certain there is nothing wrong with the band an check on my colitis, my reaction to that is a big fat - F@#K!.

I have to see the Immunologist next Tuesday so will wait to see what he says as these two Dr's are partners in crime - Ha!

Anyways, moving forward, I am going to tackle this myself by making sure I stick to the rules rigidly. I mean I'll be the first to admit I have been self sabotaging the band with eating the wrong foods and quantity of. So from now on I'm keeping a food journal, sticking to no more than 1200 cals and reduce the amount of fat in my diet, so no more butter and eating the fat off the meat.

Got to start moving again, but let's get the eating right first, otherwise I know I'll be bombarded and then succumb to the pressure.

So that's it, one positive from yesterday - I stilled recorded a loss - only 1 kg but hey my record with weigh in with him is still still on the downward trend - yay me!(

Motto for today: Always play to the positives!

Monday 6 July 2009


I've been working up to this moment for a while now.

It's time to give myself a kick up the backside and get things moving again on the weight loss front.

Enough wallowing in self pity and excuses, I'm the only one who can change the course of my life from now on.

Thanks to those who commented on my last post, and I agree with you all, the past is the past, learn to live with it and move on. Shit happens, not just to me but to everyone, how we handle the shit is the key. So from now on my shit will be handled as a life experience,something to learn and grow with.

I have a lot of things to be grateful for, I've been given a wonderful tool (Lapband)to help me beat the obesity, so it's time to start giving it and myself the respect they deserve.

I see the surgeon on Wednesday, so I hope all my test results are good, so we can move forward from there.

I'm going to start my weekly weigh ins again, I think they help with the focus and accountability. Anyways will check in again once I have been to the surgeon.