Wednesday 22 July 2009


Well, I'm silently praying I get a phone call telling me they are postponing my hospital stay in favour of keeping beds free for Swine Flu patients but I don't like my chances as I'm going into a private hospital.

I'm really NOT looking forward to having to spend more time in hospital but what can I do about it.

I have been working flat out like a lizard drinking at work trying to tie up loose ends before I go, I convinced them to buy me a laptop so I can log into our system through remote access and do some work, so I'll have plenty of time on my hands to read every one's blogs now.

Remember a few weeks ago I told you about my doggie having a seizure, well on Sunday night he had 3 in the space of 10 hours - very scary. So off to the vet's we went and he is now on tablets for epilepsy to see if they help. I have been letting him sleep with me the last two nights,as he usually sleeps in the laundry but I'd hate for him to have a seizure and no one is around to help him if he got into trouble, as he stops breathing while having them.

This is just what I need now as I'll be so worried for him while I'm in hospital as hubby and daughter panic when he has one and don't do anything to help him. I'd be devastated if anything happened to him while I was away - the little bugger is like my other child.

Other news, my uncle's horse won today at Randwick at 25/1 odds - WOOFREAKINHOO! Pity I didn't have more than my usual $10 on it.Couldn't get there had to listen to it on the radio at work and nearly screamed the office down and will be definitely staying up late tonight to watch the reply on Sky Channel.

Anyway bye for now and I hope to post before I go in.


Pandora Woman said...

Hospital, I am so glad I never saw one on the inside except when I was born, or visited friends who were patients.

I hope you stay will not be too bad, and will keep my fingers crossed for both you and you dog.


Chris H said...

Good luck chick! And I hope your wee dog is safe while you are away.

CactusFreek said...

Your daughter will keep it together with the dog while you aren't there, coz she knows she doesn't have a choice. Just make sure she knows what to do before you go :o)
I didn't know you were going back into hospital, i better go back and catch up....

Mick said...

Look on the positive, the quicker you get in hospital the sooner you are out and can get your life moving forward.
Take Care

Tania said...

So hope the meds help your dog - what a horrible thing to see!

Easy to say I know but they wouldn't be re-admitting you if it wasn't necessary! And let's face it, the rest might do you the world of good (especially if you can now spend your days blogging ... lol).

Wishing you all the best - please keep us posted on how things are going - and yay for the victory on the races!