Tuesday 28 July 2009


Yes, we are live from my hospital bed, feeling a little battle fatigued.

I had a colonoscopy and gastroscopy yesterday,boy did that pack a punch or what. I lost 5kg's during the bowel prep alone, gives a new meaning to being "full of shit" dosen't it.

Results were good though, no colitis,no nasties.

Today had an abdominal ultrasound targeting my liver, and gave enough blood to feed Transylvania for a week. We are patiently waiting for a no 2 sample to happen, why they did not get this while I was having the bowel prep I don't know.

I think the upshot of all this is they just have no idea what the f#ck is wrong and I'm starting to feel like a fraud as I haven't had a bad attack for two weeks now which in one way is good)but I would have liked to have had one here so they could witness it first hand.I see the $200 man again tomorrow, maybe he'll just give up and send me home.

I have a private room and a nice view of the City skyline, room faces west and gets bloody hot in the afternoon, so hot I need to have my fan on (and it's supposed to be winter here!)

To be honest I haven't been on the laptop much mainly because I don't want a lot of people seeing me on it as there is no place to lock it away and I would hate to get it nicked, if you remember my last visit here I had my purse and mobile phone stolen.
Also haven't really has the time and felt much like sitting on a computer, so really it was a bit pie in the sky thinking I would do heaps of work on it.

Anyway better go and settle down for the night - cheerio folks!


Tania said...

Good to hear from you - glad they didn't find any nasties, hopefully you'll be home sooner rather than later! Stuff work ... rest up and make the most of being waited on for a few days, even if it is a hospital instead of a 5 star hotel (thinks maybe that should be next on your agenda) ... lol

2010 said...

i hope they work it out sooner rather than later! And OMG - I can't believe your stuff got stolen - that is a crock! Don't they have locked cupboards?!?

Chris H said...

Well at least you have a nice view! Hope you are feeling well in there! ANd what is the food like???