Thursday 30 July 2009


Came home today with a diagnosis - praise be to the Lord!

Seems I have Diverticulitis to add to by bow of complaints.

For those you don't know this is a condition of the large intestine where pockets form in the bowel.It is a by product of being constipated,so for all you lapband gals and any body else for that matter,don't ignore being constipated like I have.

Anyhow problems start when waste material (poosies) get trapped in the pockets and they get infected causing pain,fevers and generally feeling like shit.Being regular stops the pockets from filling end getting infected,so the aim is to be regular.

Also I have to steer clear of anything with seeds,nuts grains as these can get caught as well.

So armed with some antibiotics, laxatives and ampoule's of a anti spasmodic I have to inject when I get an attack I was happily discharged this afternoon.

I'm happy to have a diagnosis as I was getting sick and tired of bouncing off various Doctors with my complaints.

Being in hospital when you really are not sick sucks, the days drag on and the highlight of the days are when my meal come.

Speaking of the meals Chris asked me if the food was good. The food is magnificent especially for hospital food. Today at lunch I had Fillet Mignon with herb butter. Very yummy indeed,last night I had a Chicken and Mango Salad which had the most divine orange mint dressing.

My tactic was to have what I wanted but I only ate half of everything, so I did not feel deprived. I stayed away from the snacks in between, as there were things like individual pecan pies, date scones,triple chunk chocolate cookies which looked yummy.

They also made the best hot chocolates and cappuccinos, really the food is restaurant grade and always came hot which is one thing I'm fussy about, I like my food and not lukewarm. So considering all of that I'm happy how I handled the eating side of things.

I'm going to stay home tomorrow and go back to work on Monday.

On Saturday I will be going out to lunch with 5 of my high school friends. It will be the first time in what 25 years we are all together for a reunion.My bestie is heading off the live in Singapore as her hubby is a merchant banker for a Canadian bank and his job has been relocated there - boohoo!

You know even though we only see each other a couple times a year I will miss her as she is the only other person who really knows and understands me - the other one is my mother, so it will be a sad day - for me anyhow.

So that's it for me - catch you later!


Carlton said...

I'm glad that you got some answers and that your finally home...

Chris H said...

Damn glad you finally know what is causing your problems! Our eldest son got Diverticulitis when he was a kid!
Know a bit about it then.
I want to stay at your hospital! The food sounds devine!

Tania said...

So glad that you got some answers and are home again! Hope you had a lovely time at your reunion on Saturday and your first day back at work went well today.

Nola said...

Good news that you now have much "easier" to deal with the devil you know! I hope Saturday went well for you:)

2010 said...

I am so glad that they have finally worked it out!

angelfish24 said...

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis but I'm glad you have an answer for your health issues. My mom has the same condition as you and went through the wringer years ago and multiple surgeries. Now, she lives with it has to watch it always and I feel for her as she always knows where the bathroom is! I think because she had a section cut out (colon) years ago.

I hope you are feeling better now.

Mick said...

I think the important thing is you now know the problem cause and can find ways of dealing with it.