Wednesday 12 August 2009


I watch a program from the UK on cable called Supersize v's Superskinny.

It's where two people are brought in for a weeks residential - one is grossly underweight and the other is grossly overweight.They then swap their normal diets for the week ie the superskinny gets to eat all the crap the overweight persons normally eats the the overweight person eats the minuscule portions of the superskinny.

It's interesting seeing what some people eat and in last night's episode the skinny person ate 800 calories a day and the obese one ate 4100 cals a day, for one meal alone she had 30 (yes thirty) sausage rolls, which made the skinny girl gag at the thought of it (must admit it made me gag as well).

After the week is finished they then get given diet sheets individually tailored and come back in 12 weeks for an assessment, it's quite an interesting show.

Anyways I'm diverting, it bring me back to my title,how low can I go, I mean of course in relation to calories. Could I survive on 800cals while trying to lose weight.

As the Lapband bible tells us, we should aim to eat between 1000 - 1200 cal and only eat 3 meals a day - no snacking between meals, they even condone missing meals if you can, claiming the lapband makes you forget about food and feeling like you want to eat, which between you and me is a crock of shit as I'm constantly thinking about what I can have next.

You probably are aware as I'm not posting my weight I'm not losing any - and your absolutely right - I have swapped quantity for quality which means I eat less food but it it usually the crappier option, like butter,standard cheese, chocolate, biscuits etc

So I have decided I'm going to do some research and self testing, I'm going to see what is the lowest calorie value I can survive on. The rules will be as follows

1. Must eat 3 meals a day
2. Must eat low fat
3. Must eat good quality foods
4. Eliminate simple carbs, like the cakes,choccies etc
5. Drink 1.5 litres water a day
6. Record all food and most importantly record hunger and mood levels.
7. Must weigh in weekly and be accountable on this blog

So tomorrow is the day, I'll weigh myself and start from there.


Chris H said...

Sounds good to me!
Though I am strictly a 2 meal a day person!
And I don't snack anymore, so that is good.
I just have to watch PORTION sizes still... my downfall.
Oh and little tipple called Totara Cafe... an evil little coffee liquer I have found I LOVE. *sob*

Whoops, got sidetracked... now where was I?
Oh yes... I will be checking to make sure you are accountable!
No more cheating madam, you havn't spent all that money and had friggn surgery to boot to not do it properly...

Pandora Woman said...

The lowest I see my colleague going daily is 400 kcal. I believe that is totally stupid. Any lower than 1000-1100 kcal will stop your body digesting anything properly, you will fail to get in the nutrients, minerals, vitamins you do need. As such you do yourself a HUGE disservice. You will loose energy, motivation and in general feel less happy, content.

As for your rules, you have summarised the advice of many a dietician and health organisation. However I would seriously consider upping the water intake to 2 liters at least. Water is at the core of your entire metabolic system. A human being loses about 2 liters of fluid during a day, so the least we should do is replace that.

I am looking forward to your progress, and agree with Chris. Go rock your boat lady, be healthier, smarter and even more gorgeous than you are already!