Sunday 16 August 2009


Came home Friday night to be greeted with the kitchen and family room 4 inches under water.

Seems the hose on one of the kitchen taps split and water was gushing out for at least 2.5 hrs,luckily all this room is tiled, but some water did get into the carpet in the loungeroom and one of bedrooms.

What a mess, I can tell you, we were all up till midnight mopping up floors, using towels to soak up the carpet and cleaning out the kitchen cupboards. I'm going to call the insurance company on Monday as we have water damage to the cupboards and my large rug I had in the family room is totally ruined. I'm also worried about the damp carpets as they are only three years old and I don't want any mildew to set in.

Yesterday I went to the races as our boy was running,we had a lovely lunch in the Members Stand with my mother,aunt and uncle but it was marred by me being tired from the previous nights episode, also the boy didn't win or place,he was top weight and it got the better of him. He did give it his best as always - such an honest horse, you can't ask for anything more than that.

Suffice to say I'm knackered today, joints and muscles aching like hell and Iv'e got a mountain load of ironing to do.

Food has been good, though I did have three courses and some champers yesterday - very nice indeed.


Tania said...

Oh no @ the water - hope that you don't have too much drama with the insurance company. Best to get the carpets replaced in these situations.

Chris H said...

It's a bit late to tell you this, but when you have a flood if you ring the insurance company right away they usually send out a plumber and specialists right away to fix it.. dry the carpets etc etc. Well, that's we did and had happen!
I hope it all gets sorted for ya.

Anonymous said...

Keep expanding your stomach area and you will be back to the old size. I had a big fat friend who had the bp and looked great for a year or so and gradually got back to his old size regardless of his surgery.

Hope you do not slack off!! It would be heartbreaking for all!!

CactusFreek said...

Geez, people still iron??? lol
How are your floors doing now?

angelfish24 said...

Sorry to hear about your flooding problems. That sucks!
Hope you go that sorted out and are feeling well.