Sunday 30 August 2009


We are having a battle with the insurance company,they don't want to fix the kitchen cupboards, they want to pay us a paltry amount and leave it up to us to organise a cabinetmaker to come in. Also if he charges more than they give us it is just bad luck, I'm, not happy and am going to look into it as this is one of the major insurers who have a "new for old" policy.

The carpets are all dry and salvagable, so the carpet people are coming tomorrow to replace the underlay,refit the carpets and give them a steam clean,so will be glad when that's done as there is crap all over the house and I hate mess and clutter.

On the weight loss front I have lost .900 grams (2 lbs) since I last weighed in and though not great it's a loss and to be frank I have been off and on with my eating all week.

It's my birthday on Wednesday - two years off from the big 50 which scares the crap out of me. Funny how we let numbers rule our lives - weight,age,bank balances! lol!
I'm really not one to hide my age but 50 is BIG for me I remember feeling the same when I turned 35 - ha!

Anyways better go and finish the weekend housework.


Chris H said...

Turning 50 isn't such a big thing... I found 40 was worse! And what ya worried about, you are not 50 yet like me!

CactusFreek said...

.9 is a great number. It's nearly a kilo. I only lost .1!! lol
That sucks about your insurance. I hope you do fight it.
Turning 50 would scare me too. I haven't gotten over turning 30 yet, and i'm 39 in two months lol

Tania said...

Hope you've had a victory with the insurance company and also a very happy birthday! Need a slight readjustment there, if you want a big number it shouldn't be your age or weight but ONLY your bank balance ... lol, hope you had fun celebrating!

Mick said...

50 is no big deal, been there got the T Shirt.
Just behave young and immature you'll be fine.