Sunday 20 September 2009


Wow! Where has the time gone, I can't believe it's been so long since my last post.

We are still having issues with the insurance company, they want to pay us out a paltry amount and on top of that we have to organise trades people to fix the problem. The problem is because the job is a repair no one is interested in doing
the work - and there's supposed to be a recession on! The only company that gave us a quote wants to charge $6.5K to replace 1 x.900 (3ft) cupboard and 4 doors - WTF!!!

The second problem is we cannot match the existing doors and the insurance company is saying they wont replace all the doors so they match as they only repair or replace a "reasonable" amount. My argument is a kitchen is one of the main rooms of the house, right and having 4 doors which don't match the rest of the kitchen is unreasonable as it will devalue the house if ever we want to sell it. It's not like a bedroom or even bathroom that is not the main living areas.

Does anyone have any suggestions, because it's at a stalemate at the moment.

Since my last post,my eating has been up and down. At the moment it's good, I lost 3.8kg in a week, only trouble is since my last weight (refer the side bar) I gained 3.2kg, so even though happy with this weeks effort, I'm disappointed in myself for putting on in the first place. Fuck when will I ever learn.

The thing that has helped me this week is my daughter. She is doing the shakes again, having one for breakfast, and having protein and salads/veges for lunch and dinner,so I have stopped buying all the crap like ice cream and chocolate biscuits. Having someone else in the same boat definitely helps, so I hope we can spur each other on.

My daughter leaves school in two weeks,13 years of school are soon over. I cannot believe it has gone so fast.Her final exams are in Oct/Nov so she is busy with study etc. She wants to go to University and do a performing arts degree, so I hope she gets into her first preference, but it depends on her exam marks which wont come in until mid December.

Just a small comment on the band, it's coming up to nearly a year now and while I admit to working against it during some of this time, it definatley has helped me with the eating binges I used to have pre-band and I have lost 18 kilos and kept it off (apart from the small ups and downs) so all in all I still think I made the right decision.

Now I'm going to admit to something I wasn't planning to, but this blog is after all "my therapy". My depression has returned - to be honest it has never left but at the moment it's re tuned with a vengeance. It takes all my efforts to get up and go to work, I'm exhausted with acting out that nothing is wrong and I'm on top of things.I'm in the black bottomless pit and no one know I'm there. I think I know why I'm like I'm am but just can't see a way out at the moment - I need help!


Tania said...

GET HELP! I have always lived a happy go lucky life but nothing could have prepared me for the anxiety attack I had in labour and the resulting PND I had after Mikayla was born! The BEST thing I did was admitting to myself I had a problem and going to my doctor to seek help, it dragged me out of that black pit and got me back to where I needed to be for my kids. So do it for yourself and do it soon.

As to the insurance company, I would have thought it a reasonable request to ensure that they match doors or replace all - i mean it's hardly fair of them to expect you to have different doors because of this. I'd be having a very good look at your policy documents to find out what your rights are.

Good to hear that you have the motivation of your daughter spurring you on! It's so bloody hard when there's temptation around you all the time.

Chris H said...

Total bugger about the insurance company being arses.
Well done on the weight loss.. at least you are losing it ... even if it is slowly.
Depression... been there too... go to the doctor and get some tiny little pills.... they do wonders!!!
No shame in getting help mate... and life is for living.. and enjoying for fucks sake! Get dem pills!