Tuesday 29 September 2009


Life has been much the same - trying to stay "normal".

Booked myself in for a fill today as I'm able to eat too much of what I'm not supposed to eat - like steak for one thing. Will have to wait until the 12th Oct though.

I want to have the same restriction I had when I first got the band , I want it tighter than a fish's arse!! And you know that's watertight!!! lol!

Darling daughter has only three days of school left before she leaves - sigh! Where has the time gone. Then she's off on a HSC Study Conference for a week run by the Anglican Church.These conferences are designed to provide students with around 30 hours of supervised study for the week without any distractions like the TV,computer or games etc. This is a relief for me as it takes the pressure off me nagging her to "do some study"

I think this is a great idea for students to do before their final exams and I hope she gets alot out of it as she can stress out a bit over exams.

When she gets back I'm having two weeks off work before her exams start to make sure things are running smoothly, so I am counting down the days for that.

Anyways off the bed now to read my book - a Jodi Piccoult novel which is my second one I've read of hers and a little - ho hum I must say. I'm really more into mystery's and thrillers. My mum has lent me the new Dan Brown novel so cannot wait to start that.


Chris H said...

I hope the fill goes well and you are resticted like a fish's arse!

A good book is sometimes hard to come by ... I've read a couple of stinkers lately.

Mick said...

Not just trying to be normal, reckon you are achieving it.

angelfish24 said...

Hope you get the results you want from the restriction/band.

I can't wait to read a book now that I have some time. I've been reading this awful online fiction stories. ha.

Tania said...

Hope everything went well with the fill.