Tuesday 23 February 2010


Hang on to your pantyhose girls and your jock straps boys.

After more than a year I have posted another update photo, I have been waiting until I got to the 110kg goal (which has not happened by the way) so I have succumbed to doing it at 111kg as I am sick of waiting.

So tell me what you think - I can see a difference in my face, my arms and legs are quite slim compared to my nemesis - THE STOMACH - crikey everyone knows I'm coming as my stomach enters the room 30 seconds before I do. Hell it's so big it needs it's own postcode always had such a nice flat stomach even when I was a little large as I carried all my weight in my hips and legs and it only started having a mind of it's own after I had my daughter..HERE

On other news I am trying to get my daughter organised for the big move on Sunday, we got the accommodation we applied for so am happy about the place. Now the worry has been switched to the money side of things, it's has cost me a fortune already, I really don't know how we are going to cope with it all,will maybe need to get the house re financed again so will have to sit down and do the numbers.

Oh and yesterday she got her drivers license so that's one thing less to worry about.

Monday 15 February 2010


Sorry it's been so long.

My life has been like a washing machine at the moment.

My daughter leaves for University (College) next week, we have decided she needs to relocate closer to the Uni due to her schedule and the fact it's a 3 hour round trip.

It's been very hard for me emotionally as my daughter is my only child and I don't feel like I've had her for that long - time goes so fast. Mothers never wish your children to grow up and move out sooner than they need to,it's heartbreaking - I certainly didn't expect to have this reaction.

Most of my time has been spent trying to find someone suitable for her to live and hopefully (fingers crossed) I will know today that she has been accepted to a Woman's Residential College that caters for Uni students. It is only 10 minutes from the Uni and one I feel happy about in relation to security and the fact her meals will be catered for.

My daughter is very mature 18 year old, but having such a lifestyle change is daunting for the most experienced, so like any mother I worry about her, particulary as I'm not there to see things first hand.

Aslo the worry about the financial side as my daughter does not have a part time job and will be intially living off a scholarship fund my husband and I set up several years ago, which will be lucky to last a year now we have to pay board at $270.00 per week. So it will be cutting down on our own expediture as there are also other things to finance like phone,internet costs and also the cost of running a car not to mention spending money.

As for my weight, well nothing happening here, gaining and losing the same .200 grams which in the big picture is ok considering the stress I'm under at the moment.