Tuesday 23 February 2010


Hang on to your pantyhose girls and your jock straps boys.

After more than a year I have posted another update photo, I have been waiting until I got to the 110kg goal (which has not happened by the way) so I have succumbed to doing it at 111kg as I am sick of waiting.

So tell me what you think - I can see a difference in my face, my arms and legs are quite slim compared to my nemesis - THE STOMACH - crikey everyone knows I'm coming as my stomach enters the room 30 seconds before I do. Hell it's so big it needs it's own postcode always had such a nice flat stomach even when I was a little large as I carried all my weight in my hips and legs and it only started having a mind of it's own after I had my daughter..HERE

On other news I am trying to get my daughter organised for the big move on Sunday, we got the accommodation we applied for so am happy about the place. Now the worry has been switched to the money side of things, it's has cost me a fortune already, I really don't know how we are going to cope with it all,will maybe need to get the house re financed again so will have to sit down and do the numbers.

Oh and yesterday she got her drivers license so that's one thing less to worry about.


Michelle said...

You look fabulous, and no nothing needs it's own post code!!!

Chris H said...

You do look wonderful. I agree with Michelle! lol

CactusFreek said...

Yea i agree with those guys. You look awesome! Stop focusing on the belly and focus on those sexy pins!

Mick said...

You worry too much you really look good. Rekon you should post one with the same clothes as the origional to show off your progress.

Tania said...

LOL @ own postcode, I know that feeling only too well! You look great and yes there is definitely a noticeable difference - be proud!

Hope that things sort themselves out financially in regards to your daughter, the cost of a decent education these days is rediculous!