Friday 21 September 2007


I've stopped the diet. The high fat content was just too much for my poor wee stomach to handle. I suppose I could have modified it to cut out the fats, but the authors insist fat with the protein helps in the overall process. Also, had problems with diarrhoea and cramps.

I think from now on I'll just have to stick to what has worked for me in the past - counting calories or points and get off by fat arse and do some exercise.

So that's it folks I will reveal my weight when I decide what and how I'm going to do, I have gained that's for sure.F*ck!

Wednesday 19 September 2007


Day 4 on the new regime and I must admit I'm feeling queasy.

The high animal fat content of this diet is not agreeing with my stomach. I feel like I need to take antacids after every meal. Also, I have noticed my arthritis is starting to niggle me again which is definitely not a good sign. I must admit though I have been having things I can have, just for the sake of it, like cream instead of milk in my coffee, and everything soaked in butter.

I lost 1 kilo (2.2lbs) the first day then put back on .800g (1.760lbs) and again this morning a loss of 1 kilo (2.2), which takes the running total to 1.2k (2.64lbs) over the 4 days. I am not missing the carbs as much on this diet as opposed to when I was on the shakes, but I cannot see me sticking to this diet due to the high fat content and how my stomach is reacting to it.

Work is still "flat chat", I'm not getting anytime to do anything. I rejoined the gym for another 12 mths and haven't had a chance to get there as yet. Oui Vey!

This sign I have on my desk - I think it explains everthing!!!

Tuesday 11 September 2007


Sorry for my absence. I have been busy with work and family commitments which haven't left me much time or energy to do anything else. I had two birthday's, mine & hubby's and Father's Day to contend with last week which made sticking to the diet difficult, I had two days where I decided to be off the plan which was a big,big mistake as I gained in those two days what it took 1 week to lose. I have managed though to lose half of the gain, but think I'm "pushing shit up hill with a sharp stick" to lose the lot. I will post the results on my usual weigh in day.

I'm still doing the low carb plan, it's still boring as bat shit but like anything it works when you stick to it and frankly I feel better for it even though my taste buds are screaming for a change. It was hard to resist the birthday cakes, I use the plural as everywhere I went someone had a cake for me, so I felt it rude to not have a piece (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!! lol).Below is a photo of one of my cakes - a lovely Tiramisu cake - yummy!!!! .

Here's a bit of a hoot, last week I was asked by boutique I frequent to be a model for their new Spring range, I thought they were joking at first and said no, but my daughter talked me into it, so I did it for a bit of a laugh. There were 4 other ladies (all customers) and we each got a free outfit of our choice out of it and our makeup professionally done. It as an experience, but I don't know if I'd do it again. My daughter took a few pictures, this is the best one where I'm actually facing front on, sorry the quality is not very clear, oh and notice my hair, much darker than the usual blonde that I am.

One thing is sure though, I think the supermodels jobs are safe!!!

I am really busy at work, I think I'm clocking in 50-55 hour weeks. We have opened up two new branches in other states and until they get some staff, we have been carrying the load, I just hope it doesn't drag on for too long as by the time I get home, cook dinner and clear up, there's not much time for anything else.

I have been busily reading my new book "The Idiot Proof Diet" which is high protein, low carb. Iv'e read it once and am re-reading and making some notes so I by the time I start, I'm fully prepared. My mouth just salivates at the thought of bacon and eggs for breakfast, or smoked salmon with cream chesse. Everthing is cooked in butter and they use double cream quite a lot which scares the crap out of me as they don't give quantities and only use the word "moderation".Don't you just love that word, my moderation is more than likely three times there definition of it. Oh well nothing ventured nothing gained. On the down side there is no sugar, no caffiene, no fruit until I lose 85% of my weight, which will make it Xmas 2015 before I can have the again!!! ha ha ha

Anyway this is becoming as long as War & Peace, will sign off for now and try to catch up on all your blogs. Will post my weigh on Thursday. Ciao!!

Monday 10 September 2007


Just a quick post to let you know I'm still here and still on the weight loss merry go round or more aptly in my case - roller coaster.

I'll post more details in the next few days.