Wednesday 19 September 2007


Day 4 on the new regime and I must admit I'm feeling queasy.

The high animal fat content of this diet is not agreeing with my stomach. I feel like I need to take antacids after every meal. Also, I have noticed my arthritis is starting to niggle me again which is definitely not a good sign. I must admit though I have been having things I can have, just for the sake of it, like cream instead of milk in my coffee, and everything soaked in butter.

I lost 1 kilo (2.2lbs) the first day then put back on .800g (1.760lbs) and again this morning a loss of 1 kilo (2.2), which takes the running total to 1.2k (2.64lbs) over the 4 days. I am not missing the carbs as much on this diet as opposed to when I was on the shakes, but I cannot see me sticking to this diet due to the high fat content and how my stomach is reacting to it.

Work is still "flat chat", I'm not getting anytime to do anything. I rejoined the gym for another 12 mths and haven't had a chance to get there as yet. Oui Vey!

This sign I have on my desk - I think it explains everthing!!!


White Rose Boy said...

You shouldn't weigh every day just once per week at the same time to get true results.

Take Care.

Meow Meow said...

Love the sign

I agree with WRB, wait a week or more before you weigh in as to NOT be discouraged!!!

Chris H said...

Oh my god, do you really have that sign on your desk!!!!!! AWESOME! Totally reflects my mood of late too.

Christine said...

Anxious to hear how the rest of your week goes. Would be great if you could blog daily (?) - very interested in how your body is going to handle this diet. Good luck with things - take care of yourself.

angelfish24 said...

I couldn't do a high fat diet, if it's anythig like the atkins diet. I really think it's unhealthy especially for your heart. I think you should eat all the food groups and you know what is right in your heart. The portion contol is my big problem.

Like the sign at your work, ha!

55kgs said...

LMAO!!! Love the sign. Hope your bod settles down and you feel better.