Tuesday 30 January 2007


Here's my boy after coming home from the vet's looking rather dejected after losing his family jewels. I felt so sorry for him I even let him sit on the lounge which is usually off limits. I made the decision to get him done as my last dog died from testicular cancer so I didn't want the same happening to my little Oscar. Also, I couldn't think of anything worse than having something and not being able to use it. Funny I remember my husband saying the same thing!! lol He's so cute don't you think I love him to death, he makes me laugh and gives me something else to think about. Perhaps I should change his name to Codfrey - get it Cod Free!!

Monday 29 January 2007


I have decided to weigh in using the method shown above to avoid the inevitable gain I must have due to TOTALLY being off the plan. I don't know why I'm having trouble at the moment but I cannot stay focused for longer than a couple of days. Maybe it's stress from my health issues and /or my brothers death I just don't know and it's really bugging me as you can't fix the problem until you find the problem. Knowing my luck at the moment I'd probably knock myself out by dropping the scales on my head !!!! lol

Saturday 27 January 2007

There She Blows

My week off from work has come and just about gone. I spent most of my week running between Doctors appointments. As predicted I have to go in for a "procedure" this Thursday, can you guess what it is? My cartoon is a hint. Yes, that's right I have to have a Gastroscope to look into the stomach and joy of joy's - a Colonoscopy into the "you know where" or as my father eloquently puts in "Up the Khyber Pass". OK, the good thing is I will be asleep for it so I wont have to suffer the humiliation and hey I'll lose a few kilos with the preparation I have to follow pre procedure. The bad thing is I've had the bowel prep before and it is bloody horrible, the crap you have to drink to help "cleanse" the bowels is like a nuclear bomb !!!!! lol

One last toilet funny before I change the topic

On a more serious note, as most of you know, my brother was killed in a workplace accident last July. The investigation into his accident has been completed and I took my parents to the Coroners Court to view the report. Basically in a nutshell the accident was caused by the lack of basic safety procedures and training. Both the company and the manufacturers of the machinery have been charged(by the Govt. industrial relations dept) and depending on how they plea is how long it will be dragged through the courts. I was particularly interested in reading the interviews from co-workers, being the pragmatist that I am, I wanted to know what happened in every detail. One thing that stuck out for me, not one person on that site knew how to do basic CPR. Gavin was found pinned in a machine, nobody knew for how long, the range is between 3 - 15 mins, he was found unconscious and not breathing. The first guy to find him DIDN'T start CPR.God knows how long it took them to start but when they did they were asking the operator how to do it. The transcript stated they told the operator his stomach was swelling, it was swelling because they were blowing air into his stomach and not his lungs. 3 days later we turned off his life support because his brain was irreversibly damaged from lack of oxygen. Who knows if they had known what they were doing he may or may not be here with us today, but at least he would have had a chance.
A chance is better than nothing.

Monday 22 January 2007

Weekend away Pt 1 - Time to be grateful

I had a weekend full of being grateful which I will share with you as I go along.

I knew we were in drought but I was shocked by the barren and dry landscape as we travelled down to our nations capital. The country people are really doing it tough at the moment and I feel for them and their animals. All dams I saw were either dry or a mud pit. Canberra is a three hour road trip for us and this photo was taken on the Canberra side of Goulburn. The landscape gave me impression it would EXPLODE into a furious blaze at the slightest hint of a spark. I felt grateful of what I had back home .We arrived in Canberra on Saturday and checked into our accommodation. We had a nice big two bedroom apartment in the city centre, after dropping our luggage we proceeded to find somewhere for lunch. We found an Irish pub and welcomed a nice cold ale as it was 40 deg outside. After lunch we drove to the War Memorial and had a quick look around there. We were limited to where we went as my parents - god love them - are not as mobile as they once were and can only walk short distances. For the second time I was grateful I could still get around reasonably well irrespective of my health issues. I also felt grateful I still had both my parents here and was able to spend time away with them. This photo was taken of hubby Al, my mother Val and father Bert or "Blurt"as I affectionately call him. My dad is nearly 80 but I don't think he looks his age - hopefully I've inherited that from him.

I was also grateful after viewing some of the displays at the War Memorial. I cannot image what it was like for anyone involved in any war, or conflict on both sides and all factions. The absolutely shocking death stats and the destruction it causes made me want to weep for all people involved past and present. Why is it we can't all co exist together in peace.

Thursday 18 January 2007


This photo is for Cactusfreek, I call it Revenge of the Cacti.

I was so chuffed about downloading a music video yesterday I forgot to tell you my weigh in results.

I lost 1/2 kilo or 1.1lbs, I was expecting a gain so was completely shocked to discover I'd lost. Actually I feel a little embarrassed as I know some people work their butts off for the same figure , it could all come crashing down on me next week so I will have to be even more diligent with the food as I'm not doing any planned exercise yet.

During the WW meeting the leader asked for an acronym for the word smart which was related to weight loss, their version was:-

S pecific

M easurable

A chievable

R ealistic

T imely
I came up with the following:-

S hit,
M y
A rse is
R eally
T ight now!

I like mine better what do you think? he he he

Going down to Canberra this weekend for 3 days - looking forward to the break, then I have all of next week off work - yippee!!

Wednesday 17 January 2007

ac dc

Here is one of my favourite AC/DC songs with the great Bon Scott as lead singer.Filmed in the streets of Melbourne in the mid 70's before they became big overseas. My brothers who played the bagpipes would play along while this blared out of our stereo. They were the good old days!

Monday 15 January 2007

Feeling Low

Bought a new computer on the weekend and a nice new workstation to put it one. It's all set up and operating. I have one week before my daughter gets home to use it when I want to and not be hounded "how long are you going to be"etc etc , Arh, the simple pleasures.

My eating over the weekend has been totally craptastic. I know why, I've have been feeling unwell for a couple of weeks now and also have had more pain than usual with the joints.When the tablets don't work I "medicate" myself with food, usually something sweet and fatty. It's a psychological thing I know. Went to the Dr's today for some blood results, all the arthritis/inflammation tests were through the roof, so I have to see a specialist again, which I DO NOT want as it probably means having every scan and x-ray that was invented. I hate being sick,really hate it.

Going to Canberra this weekend with the folks which I'm looking forward to, just hope I'm feeling better by then.

Will be making an effort in the next two days re the eating as I have a weigh in on Wednesday and I do NOT want to gain, that would be the icing on the cake.

Thursday 11 January 2007


Went to WW last night and lost 1.7kg (3.7lb). I'm happy for the loss but a teensiest bit disappointed in myself as it would have been better if I hadn't had some left over Xmas chocolate and my biggest nemesis - the skin off the BBQ chicken. OK , so what can I do to stop this from happening again. The chocolate is under control, it's all gone and I do not buy chocolate, the BBQ chicken well, I have to stop buying it OR get someone else top cut it up and remove the skin. Sorry if this all sounds a bit anal, but if I'm going to shift this weight once and for all I need to be as I know my past history.

Big Al (my hubby) and I are going to buy a new computer this weekend, ours is so old it's on the National Trust shortlist. It will be so much easier as I do ALL my computer stuff at work and the needle-noses here comment EVERY time I am on the net in my lunchhour, they forget I work a 10 -11 hour day to their 7.5hr day.

My daughter leaves tomorrow for her vacation - YEE HAA! Can you sense I'm excited. Hell Yeah. It will do us both good to have a break from each other - actually I think this is the first time she has been away from me since she was born for over 4 days. It will be nice not to get grunted at when I leave for work or get home!!! he he he.

Monday 8 January 2007


I can hardly keep my eyes open. I feel like I've had no sleep over the weekend, which of course is not the case. I'm also stuck on the bank reconciliation at work which I cannot balance and have been working on it the last three days. Ugh ! I'm about to throw it out the window but have to finish it today as December is our end of financial year, so all accounts have to be right by tomorrow.

My eating has been good, no exercise though, but I did paint out a bedroom for my mother on Saturday and my legs are soooo sore from getting up and down the ladder. On Sunday I took my daughter Alex out shopping to get a few essentials as she is going to Coffs Harbour for a week with a friend of hers.

I thought I would share this with you. Last week a lady I work with was offering everyone these chocolate biscuits, when I declined her offer she said rather loudly "Oh you can't have these can you" quick as anything I replied "I can have anything I want, I just don't choose to have them". You know it was a simple comment from me but I sure as hell felt good about it. I don't know why but it made me feel sort of empowered and in control.

Thursday 4 January 2007


As mentioned in my last post I rejoined Weight Watchers last night and as expected weighed 2 kilos more than my scales. I have changed my tracker to reflect the WW weight as that will be the benchmark. They have rehashed the programs again - The No Count program is now the Core Program. I always do the points plan anyway, which also had some changes as follows:

Starchy veges like potato,corn,peas and parsnips are no longer "free" and have to be counted in your points. You know longer have to count your sugar points, just eat them in "moderation" I bet that one will be changed back next year as I dang well know what my definition of moderation is !!!! rofl There is a Superstart menu for the next three weeks which basically is a 20 point limit per day on the points plan. I'm going with this one and see how I go as I'm normally allowed to have 24 points. Anyway wish me luck - the hardest part for me is the planning and preparation. Hmm.. need to remember my time management skills "You've got to plan your planning!

Wednesday 3 January 2007


I have decided to rejoin Weight Watchers again.After thinking about it all day when I got home I received a "please come back" letter from them, so I think that's a sign. lol .I weighed myself this morning and I had only gained 2kg so I am happy with that as I expected much more. I'll update my tracker tomorrow after the weigh in tonight. I usually weigh about 1 -2kgs more on their scales.

Yesterday I booked a weekend away with my folks. We are travelling down to Canberra to see the Egyptian exhibition which is on loan from the Louvre at the National Gallery. So am looking forward to that.