Thursday 11 January 2007


Went to WW last night and lost 1.7kg (3.7lb). I'm happy for the loss but a teensiest bit disappointed in myself as it would have been better if I hadn't had some left over Xmas chocolate and my biggest nemesis - the skin off the BBQ chicken. OK , so what can I do to stop this from happening again. The chocolate is under control, it's all gone and I do not buy chocolate, the BBQ chicken well, I have to stop buying it OR get someone else top cut it up and remove the skin. Sorry if this all sounds a bit anal, but if I'm going to shift this weight once and for all I need to be as I know my past history.

Big Al (my hubby) and I are going to buy a new computer this weekend, ours is so old it's on the National Trust shortlist. It will be so much easier as I do ALL my computer stuff at work and the needle-noses here comment EVERY time I am on the net in my lunchhour, they forget I work a 10 -11 hour day to their 7.5hr day.

My daughter leaves tomorrow for her vacation - YEE HAA! Can you sense I'm excited. Hell Yeah. It will do us both good to have a break from each other - actually I think this is the first time she has been away from me since she was born for over 4 days. It will be nice not to get grunted at when I leave for work or get home!!! he he he.


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Rebecca said...

Well enjoy your free time. I hope you get some peace and tranquility in these days of freedom.


Chubbymum said...

Hun that is a fantastic loss! You should be really proud.

Enjoy the free time hun... it should be fantastic.

Woohoo can't wait for when you get your computer at home it will be fantastic to chat.

Love CM

White Rose Boy said...

You are doing fantastic with the weight loss.
Your determination is an example to all of us who are trying to lose the pounds.

CactusFreek said...

Congrats on the awesome loss! Don't get down on yourself coz you could "do better",we could all do better every week! You can't be perfect all the time :o)
And getting a new computer is a big step,Choose wisely.
Enjoy your time off, and try not to worry about Alex while she's gone :o)

Spider63 said...

3.7 lbs is a LOT~~~~~~!!!! Great work!~

CactusFreek said...

Hi :o)
You said something on my blog that i don't get [i too am blonde lol]

"Yeah, I know how your feeling re the weigh in BUT try and look it from the positive, if you don't have any make them up! lol I do and they work a treat! "

Uuumm make what up? lol