Monday 15 January 2007

Feeling Low

Bought a new computer on the weekend and a nice new workstation to put it one. It's all set up and operating. I have one week before my daughter gets home to use it when I want to and not be hounded "how long are you going to be"etc etc , Arh, the simple pleasures.

My eating over the weekend has been totally craptastic. I know why, I've have been feeling unwell for a couple of weeks now and also have had more pain than usual with the joints.When the tablets don't work I "medicate" myself with food, usually something sweet and fatty. It's a psychological thing I know. Went to the Dr's today for some blood results, all the arthritis/inflammation tests were through the roof, so I have to see a specialist again, which I DO NOT want as it probably means having every scan and x-ray that was invented. I hate being sick,really hate it.

Going to Canberra this weekend with the folks which I'm looking forward to, just hope I'm feeling better by then.

Will be making an effort in the next two days re the eating as I have a weigh in on Wednesday and I do NOT want to gain, that would be the icing on the cake.


White Rose Boy said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Chubbymum said...

Chin up hun. At least you know when you are sick you tend to eat the wrong things and now is the challenge to break that cycle...

Love CM

Spider63 said...

Don't worry about gaining weight or losing weight. Think about getting your mind into a positive groove. Feel good about yourself, and the rest will be much easier.

If you are worried about your arthritis issues, try to think of all the possible alternatives, and make peace with what you will have to deal with in the future.

Make a plan on how to deal with it. Will it take more medicines, more vitamins, more visits to the doctor? Think about it, plan the possibilities, so that you will not be so depressed about it.

Rebecca said...

The feeling low part I completely understand. I hope the weigh in proves you can have a crappy day or two and still exist.

I am very much an emotional eater. I use it as a comfort, so I understand.

New day, fresh start.

celtic_girl said...

Thanks all for your comments,
Spider63, you should consider counselling as a career, your comments were valid and hit the mark.:0)

CactusFreek said...

I hope your doctor finds a suitable medication for you :o(
I understand what you mean about the kids hassling us for the computer. They hang around like flies when i'm on the PC. I'm only on here now because i have The Simpsons on tele to offer 1/2 hour refuge!! lol

CactusFreek said...

..Aaaww and i spent my 1/2 hour on your blog. Isn't that sweet? :o)

celtic_girl said...

Aaaww Thats nice cactusfreek