Wednesday 3 January 2007


I have decided to rejoin Weight Watchers again.After thinking about it all day when I got home I received a "please come back" letter from them, so I think that's a sign. lol .I weighed myself this morning and I had only gained 2kg so I am happy with that as I expected much more. I'll update my tracker tomorrow after the weigh in tonight. I usually weigh about 1 -2kgs more on their scales.

Yesterday I booked a weekend away with my folks. We are travelling down to Canberra to see the Egyptian exhibition which is on loan from the Louvre at the National Gallery. So am looking forward to that.


Chubbymum said...

Good on you hun for making a decision that is right for you. I am always here to talk and listen. Happy New Year.

Love CM

Spider63 said...

Happy New Year! Think positive, and your self-description should highlight you. You are a lot more than fat and over forty. You are a very nice person, and I appreciate your comments on my blog; and reading your blog! You are special! Love yourself, or you can't love other people!!

CactusFreek said...

Good on you for re-joining WW. I've had two goes at it. The first time i lost 30 kilos. I left because it got in the way of my alcohol problem. Needless to say i put it all back on and more. The second time was only for a few months. I wanted to make lifestyle changes and feel good about it, but i found the weekly weigh-in was controling me. For example, I'd have a great week with exercise and eating and i'd feel really good with myself. I'd weigh in and find i'd put on weight. That would make me feel aweful and i'd spend the next week just going through the motions, with no real effort. Then i'd lose weight and get excited,set myself up to do really well, then if i gained, feel depressed again etc etc.
So i decided that if i stayed with WW, for me it would just be about the scales at this time in my life.
So i joined a local Slimmers club and i weigh in every 2-3 weeks.
I still have all the WW stuff and i still read the magazine though :o)

I'm really jealous that you are going to see the Egyption exhibit. I really want to see that too!

CactusFreek said...

...Snap some pictures with a mobile ;o)