Sunday 31 December 2006


Started one of my activity goals today - took Oscar for a walk. It was a stop/start kind of walk as he had to sniff and pee on every tree and bush we passed! He is so funny to watch - he runs like a wart hog, head is held high and his little curly tail sits erect.
I call him "The Master of Disaster" as he has wrecked what little garden I have under our pergola. I love him to death though but am looking forward for the destructive puppy stage to pass. This is supposed to be my daughters dog. She conned me and her father into getting him in Sept. promising to look after him etc etc yadda yadda! I should have known better, it didn't last long. So guess who looks after him ! Me, the sucker !!

Today we had a day out - went to the coast, I was looking forward to a nice fish and chips lunch by the water. We were disappointed when the place we had chosen only sold hamburgers and hotdogs - oh well the scenery was beautiful and a nice sunny day, not to hot. On the way home my daughter spotted a chocolate shop so we stopped by to see what they had. They had the most delectable desserts all served with fresh strawberries and this scrummy dipping chocolate.We all had something (even though I'm chocced out after Xmas) for afternoon tea, it was nice but I felt a bit queasy after, it certainly is a once in a blue moon kind of thing.
Were having a quiet night in for New Years Eve this year, tomorrow we'll head next door for my mum's traditional New Years day dinner, then it's off the work on Tuesday. I am actually looking forward to resuming my healthier eating which is certainly a change from how I would feel after a bender like the one I had over Xmas. Things are looking up !


White Rose Boy said...

Thanks for looking up my blog.

For the record "I also love Fish & Chips". The Chocolate shop sounds very tempting.

Chubbymum said...

What a cute dog!!! Hmmm Chocolate Shop (smack hand naughty he he he)

Happy New Year my friend

Love CM

CactusFreek said...

The outing sounds lovely! I like having picnic style fish'n'chips too. Hamburgers aren't the same.
That chocolate shop sounds to die for! I don't EVER want to know where it is! lol

Oscar is cute! I have a pug called Princess, and she rules the roost around here AND in the neighbourhood! She was 4 on Christmas eve :o)

celtic_girl said...

Cactus - I'm a pug fan from way back I'd love to see your little Princess.