Friday 8 December 2006

Oh the pain !!

In my last post I was looking forward to a massage as I was having trouble with some spasm in my lower back. The massage itself was wonderful though a bit sore in places particilary over my sacro-iliacs joints and gluteas medius muscles. The next day OMG the pain was so intense and radiated through to my stomach, it was so bad I couldn't concentrate opn anything and went home from work. Dearly beloved had the next day of and drove me to work as I had to do the wages and could not drive due to all the pain (happy pills) I had taken. God knows if I made any errors with the wages as I was on the ceiling when I did then! lol.

I finally succumbed to the Dr's yesterday and has refferedd me to a specialist (dang) I hate doctors.Here we go again around the Merry Go Round. Only good point it's not till January 07.
I am now back at work and my desk looks like a bomb has hit it as NOONE does ANY of my work for me - Do I sould pissed ??? Damn right I am.

The only upside to all of this was I lost another kilo, as the pain meds make me quite nausesous and I didn't feel like eating. Hmmmm I"m going to a couple of parties on the weekend, maybe that can be my buffer?? lol. Any way will sign off for now and wish everyone a great weekend.
Talk to you next week.


Spider63 said...

Losing weight due to sickness is kind of kinky and yet it works. Better than gaining weight when sick (like from the flu). A kilo is a lot, so you are doing good, hope the pain goes away but not the weight loss!!