Thursday 28 December 2006


Well it's all over for another year. All the hype, running around and preparation for the big day and it's all over as soon as it starts.

We started Christmas day with breakfast at our place with my parents. My eldest brother and his three kids came down from Gulgong (Country town in NSW) and we had lunch at my parents place. My mother makes the best roasts and we had turkey this year and it was delicious. I made the plum pudding and for a first attempt it was good, if I say so myself. I also made the Bounty Balls that were on Wanna_B_Slim's blog which were a sooo easy to make and were a big hit with everyone. In the afternoon I fell asleep on the lounge as I had a couple of glasses of red wine (3/4 of the bottle I think) . We then came back to my place for a light (light - that's a joke) dinner of ham,pork and salads. By the way, we didn't have far to go as I live next door to my folks !!

Boxing day was a rest day - my brother and his family left and I vegged out on the lounge and watched some biblical movies, The Bible and King of Kings.

I am dreading getting on the scales as I know for certain I have put on as I feel like I have. Why is it that when your on a diet everyone buys you chocolate. I have never in all my life received so much chocolate and crap like I have received this year. I tried so hard not to succumb, but unfortunately lost that fight. I have also tried giving it away. Even my daughter who is a self confessed chocoholic has refused the stuff. I think I'll bring in in to work when I get back, I can only hope I can survive the temptation. I can see if I don't get back into the swing of things very shortly I'll just revert back to my old eating habits which I certainly don't want.

By the way , I got an apology from my daughter. I am still bruised from the incident. I have made a decision not to give her everything she wants like I have done. My husband says we give her everything and we get nothing back in return (he is referring to common decency and respect). He is right - so I'm holding fast as she wants to go to a concert in January and she won't be going.


CactusFreek said...

Your Christmas sounds great!
It's funny, but as soon as we start dieting, people feel the need to give us chocolates when an occasion arises. Why is that??
Next time, tell people before the event, not to give you food. If they are stuck for ideas, just buy you a voucher or something.
Glad to hear your daughter apoligised, and i hear ya with the open wound. My daughter thinks that no matter what she says or does, if she says sorry, it should all be over. But some things hurt for ages afterwards, and they just dont get that :o(