Monday 11 December 2006



Do I sound excited - HELL YEAH !! I've made it to my first mini goal of losing 20 kilos by Christmas. Lets see what the reli's say this year at our annual christmas get together.

My weekend was fairly hectic with Christmas shopping, looking for cookie cutters and pudding bowls. I have volunteered to make my first christmas pudding this year so am excited and nervous at the same time as my mother makes the best mouthwatering puddings, so I have some tough competition. Even if it was crap she would still say it was good - that's my wonderful mother for you.

There seems to be a distinct lack of Christmas spirit around at the moment. Everyone comments on the same thing. I havn't seen a Santa Claus ot carolers in the malls yet. I or should I say we put our chrissie tree up yesterday and after bloomin well putting up 200 fairy lights only to find out they didn't work, so down they came and Daerly beloved and myself were looking for any broken globes. We found 2 , went and got replacements and they still didn't work, so I think it's time to buy another set. Grrr ! I love my christmas tree I have it decorated all in gold.creams,silvers and white. When it's finished I'll try and post a photo.
Anyway better go and start some work - Ciao!


Chubbymum said...

That is a FANbloodyTASTIC loss hun.

I am a bit of a hum bug with Xmas this year... too many other things happening he he he.

Wow 20 kilos is a fantastic loss my friend.

I wish I could have said that I lost that much this year ho hum

Love Chubbymum

CactusFreek said...

Good on you for the awesome loss, both this week and overall!!

I'm the same with my Christmas tree. I can't wait to put it up, and when i do i'm always touching it up lol
We do ours in greens and golds, with a matching door wreath. Last year we bought some green, gold and red sequin baubles for something different,but they vanished over the year [i think my kids found them in the shed and used them as cricket balls!]
This year i tried to replace them but ended up with with packs of various coloured glittery balls. I'm still undecided on what i think of them.
The next time you see that ad on tele with Lisa micune [however that's spelt] doing the Coles Christmas ad, and she puts the star on the top of the tree, we have the same star. You'll think of me every time that's on now lol
Good luck with the pudding! :o)

Wanna_B_slim said... have done an amazing job to lose 20 kilos... wooooohooooo
go girl...
Hope your back is on the mend soon..
Hugs Nannette