Wednesday 17 January 2007

ac dc

Here is one of my favourite AC/DC songs with the great Bon Scott as lead singer.Filmed in the streets of Melbourne in the mid 70's before they became big overseas. My brothers who played the bagpipes would play along while this blared out of our stereo. They were the good old days!


Rebecca said...

I always like AC/DC. I went to one of their shows many years ago in New Orleans. One of my groupie girlfriends ended up sleeping with Malcom. I hung out with the drummer while they were busy. I like their music, never found any of them attractive~

I can hear the riffs play over and over in my head. Thanks for the jump start~

White Rose Boy said...

You can't beat the Good old days, memories are always important.

CactusFreek said...

I'm a big ACDC fan too! I appreciated the Bon Scott days a lot better than that Brian guy. I saw them in concert in 1988 and i was really dissopointed in their performance. It put me off them a lot :o(
One of my fav all time albums is Dirty Deeds. Has been ever since my older sister bought it when it first came out, when i was 7! :o))
This video clip is an awesome one!