Thursday 16 July 2009


If I was an animal I'd probably be put down, unless of course if I had me as an owner - Ha!

I had my appointment with the Immunologist on Tuesday to be told I was being admitted straight away as things have gone a bit pear shaped.I had a time convincing him I could not come in straight away due to work commitments (my boss is away O/S and I'm the money lady)so we agreed on the 26th July and I'll be there at least a week!

For f*cks sake - here we go again,you know it will be a year to the day when I was admitted last year and that was a two week marathon of getting things shoved in every orifice and cavity I owned. It was that admission where I was advised to get a lap-band and had my first consult with the surgeon and we all know THAT story afterwards - who could forget!!!!

What can I do though, I know I have to go in and get things sorted and I also need to try and stay calm and go with the flow as it's just not worth worrying about things I cannot change, but it hard I can tell you. Consequently my band has been sooooo tight and even the tiniest amount of food is getting stuck and hard to get down.

Well at least this time my weight will not be 134kg, so maybe I'll fit into those gorgeous gowns better and wont be flashing my derriere as much.

The weekend will be spent looking for new pj's as all the ones I'm wearing at home are just about falling off me and could be mistaken as tarpaulins or something from rent-a-tent!

Darlings,if I'm going in to the lions den I need to look glamorous!!!


Mick said...

And of course you will look glamerous.
Hope everything goes a lot better than you expect and things are quickly resolved.
Take care, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Chris H said...

I want to SEE the new night attire! I hope all goes well and they find what ya problem is mate.

Nola said...

You will look like a total hornbag in that hospital gown!!!! Now, get something with a little bling on it, wont you!!??
Maybe a matching toilet bag and slippers?? lol lol
Sorry to hear you have to go back in.....and I assure you.....I would be your owner anyday and there is no way I would have you put down!!!! Medicated maybe......but NOT put down:)

Tania said...

Oh I can only imagine how frustrated you are - but it is for the best (easy for me to say I know). We will be thinking of you and no doubt you'll be looking fabulous :-)

2010 said...

OMG babe! You have had a bad trot haven't you?!? But 20kgs lighter must feel pretty damn good. Congrats!