Monday 6 July 2009


I've been working up to this moment for a while now.

It's time to give myself a kick up the backside and get things moving again on the weight loss front.

Enough wallowing in self pity and excuses, I'm the only one who can change the course of my life from now on.

Thanks to those who commented on my last post, and I agree with you all, the past is the past, learn to live with it and move on. Shit happens, not just to me but to everyone, how we handle the shit is the key. So from now on my shit will be handled as a life experience,something to learn and grow with.

I have a lot of things to be grateful for, I've been given a wonderful tool (Lapband)to help me beat the obesity, so it's time to start giving it and myself the respect they deserve.

I see the surgeon on Wednesday, so I hope all my test results are good, so we can move forward from there.

I'm going to start my weekly weigh ins again, I think they help with the focus and accountability. Anyways will check in again once I have been to the surgeon.


Tania said...

Yay - good for you! Keep that positive attitude going and no matter what obstacles are thrown your way you'll beat them all! Looking forward to seeing those numbers go down.

Carlton said...

All the best with the Dr appointment. Good to see your back as well. Thanks for the comment on my blog.

Margaret said...

New starts are always good, Its not the falling doen's getting back up that counts.

Good for you..

Chris H said...

I hope the visit to your surgeon was good!