Thursday 9 July 2009


Well another wasted $90.00 and half a day after my specialists appointment yesterday.

Can't tell me why I'm getting these blimin pains he does not think it is related to the band (which I tend to agree with him) suggested I go and have another Colonoscopy and a Gastroscope so he can be certain there is nothing wrong with the band an check on my colitis, my reaction to that is a big fat - F@#K!.

I have to see the Immunologist next Tuesday so will wait to see what he says as these two Dr's are partners in crime - Ha!

Anyways, moving forward, I am going to tackle this myself by making sure I stick to the rules rigidly. I mean I'll be the first to admit I have been self sabotaging the band with eating the wrong foods and quantity of. So from now on I'm keeping a food journal, sticking to no more than 1200 cals and reduce the amount of fat in my diet, so no more butter and eating the fat off the meat.

Got to start moving again, but let's get the eating right first, otherwise I know I'll be bombarded and then succumb to the pressure.

So that's it, one positive from yesterday - I stilled recorded a loss - only 1 kg but hey my record with weigh in with him is still still on the downward trend - yay me!(

Motto for today: Always play to the positives!


Chris H said...

Good motto... stick to it and maybe, just maybe things will start to look up!
No cheating!

Anonymous said...

HI. I have to apoligize first of all for falling behind on blog reading..but I would like to get back on board and follow your journey! You have made amazing progress! Super proud of you!

CactusFreek said...

Maybe you could look into seeing a different doctor if you feel his answers aren't thorough enough? :o/

Mick said...

Its good to see you are still trying to be positive, you certainly aint had it good, hopfully things will soon start to change for the better.