Friday 16 October 2009


Since I started my holidays on Monday I have been fluffing around and not achieving all the great and wonderful things I planned to do.

My week so far has gone like this

Monday - Visit to Lap band surgeon and fill - 3/4 day

Tuesday - Fluffing around at home (not really doing anything) then afternoon with
the Tax Accountant.

Wednesday - Take daughter to school to attend study sessions,visit the shops and do
some groceries.Pick up daughter from school.

Thursday - Go into work for 3 hours (Yes I'm a sucker for punishment) then drop by
Tax Accountant to pick up our tax returns and find out how much we are not getting back - ha!

Friday - Go back to shops to try on this gorgeous top I saw, then come back home
to contemplate my navel rather than do some much needed housework.

So my first week is nearly over - egad!

Must be better prepared for next week this is what I want to achieve

1. Start back at the gym
2. Investigate aqua aerobic classes
3. Start my spring cleaning for Xmas
4. Go to the movies with my daughter
5. Spend some time with my mother
6. Visit my Aunt(who has been unwell)

On band news I'm happy to report my band is

I am now satisfied after my smaller meals and am not constantly thinking about what I can eat next. The downside is I cannot eat steak anymore as I tried some last night and no matter how small a mouthful I took and chewed the crap out of it, it still got stuck. So really for me it's a small price to pay for having the desired restriction. I have already started to drop some weight so all in all I'm happy with it.

Better be off and get dressed for my fluff around today - have a good weekend all.


Chris H said...

I used the phrase "fluffing around" once on my blog.. and quite a few americans told me it was a rather 'dirty, seedy' thing to be doing in America! LOL
Think porn... eeeeeew!

Anyway... glad you had a decent week.. and you are happy with your restrictions.
Steak is not all that anyway mate... overpriced, half the time tasteless and dry!

Margaret said...

Talk abour sayings, one of my Mum's favourite ...when we ask what she was up to, she said she was contemplating her navel, Havent heard that saying since she died, made me chuckle to read it!! Where do you come from?? any Irish blood there???

Hope you are happy with your restrictions.

Heres to a great week for you!!!

Mick said...

Its good you've wrote down what you want to achieve this week.
I always reckon if you do note them on paper you are more likely to achieve doing them, can tick off as you go.
Making lists is something I've always done.

Tania said...

LOL ... and what's your point? Aren't holidays meant to be for fluffing around? I think it's a common thing, every time I start holidays I start with a huge list of things I want to achieve and usually end with a bigger list ... lol! Hope you have a more productive week next week. Good news regarding the band too, watch those scales drop now!