Thursday 29 October 2009


Weighed in today at 116.6 kg (256.52lbs) which is a loss this week of 1.5 kg ( 3.3lbs) - go me!

The best part of all is I didn't feel deprived or hungry once and was able identify when I'd had enough. Fingers crossed I've found my sweet spot in regards to my restriction level.

So that's a total of 3.9 kg (8.58 lbs) since 12th October and I haven't even started to exercise yet.

Unfortunately my holidays are over and today was my first day back at work which was quiet, thank goodness due to my boss being away. I'm sure that will change once he returns on Monday - bugger!

Well I didn't cross much off my holiday to-do list but hey I must have done something right as everyone was telling me today how great I looked. I think my new hair colour and cut may have helped with that.

My daughter is continuing on with her final exams, she only has one left - drama and not until 12th November, so now it will be a wait for her results then to see what universities she is offered a place at, what see needs to do now is get a part time job.

Anyhow time for bed as I'm exhausted - ciao!


Mick said...

You go girl, really good news on the continued weight loss.

Funny the only time I enjoyed work was when the boss was away, lol.

Chris H said...

Fantastic result... so glad things are finally coming together and DOWN.

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

HI!!! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment... Glad you are going well... I will be back to read up on whats been going on.. i have been a terrible blogger....

Tania said...

Congrats on another great loss - imagine what you'll be able to achieve with exercise added!

Good to hear i'm not the only one who finishes holidays with lots of jobs left undone.

CactusFreek said...

Sounds like the ball has really dropped for you! You go girl! :o))