Tuesday 21 April 2009


I'm having two planned days off work.

I decided to have these at the last minute as I have a Dr's appointment today with the lapband surgeon and it's school holidays here,so thought my daughter could do with some company.

Yesterday we went shopping and I bought a nice top and vest from my favourite store Taking Shape, some wool to knit a throw and some tyres for the car. There goes my Government Stimulus Package. For those of you who may not know the Federal Govt here is handing out a maximun of $900.00 for taxpayers in an attempt to get the economy "stimulated" again. My husbands and mine will go on our cars, new tyres for both and long overdue services - boring!!!

Last week I put some clothes on Ebay - 7 items all from Taking Shape (of course).
They all sold and I earnt $260.00, so not a bad effort. I've got a few more to list just need to get the time to do all the leg work.

In the past month Iv'e had this desire to start knitting again. I mean I usually knit every winter, but never seem to finish anything. I have a jumper and a cardigan to do. I'm on my last sleeve of each so I will finish these damn things once and for all then start on my throw.

The knitting helps me to keep my hands out of the pantry and fridge of a night. I still get the snack attacks after dinner even though my stomach is full, how long does the sugar cravings last for!!!

Anyhow better sign off and let the "Master of Disaster" (dog) out for a pee - until next time.


Margaret said...

Wish we got a stimulus package, here in NZ, I didnt even get a tax cut, because I work 2 jobs and pay secondary tax. Bugger that!!! Have a nice time with your daughter and shopping.

Chris H said...

"Taking Shape" is called TS14+ here... and I love it too!

Nola said...

We haven't got our package yet....damn it!!! I love Taking Shape and TS14+ too....I thought they were two seperate shops though? I just pulled out my cross stitch to start up again to keep MY nose out of the pantry too! :)

Tiff said...

Knitting! What a great idea! I've been looking for something to do - that will help to keep my hands out of the kitchen!!!

I've always wanted to learn, thanks for reminding me!

Congrats on your progress!

黃立成Jeff said...