Saturday 1 November 2008


Had a day at the races today. Our boy was running at Rosehill (Sydney track) god I love that track,very swish, little TV's on all the tables and you even get table service from the bookies.

He came home midfield, we didn't expect him to win as he was up in class and drew the widest barrier and had to race six wide all the way. The Jockey gave him a good rap though, so next time maybe.

While we were down in the mounting yard I ran into someone I used to work with 10 years and 30 kilos lighter. He also had a horse running. The first thing I thought of was "Fark, why couldn't I run into this dude after I had lost my weight". The only consolation I had was our boy beat his horse home by 8 places - nah nah nah nah nah!! - a bit childish I know!!

During the week I mistakenly emailed the photo below to one of the owners where I work. She's in her late 50's maybe and very posh and superior in her attitude to us minions. She always makes me feel like I should curtsy in the her presence and walk out backwards bowing and scraping as I leave. Well didn't I get a very curt email in reply about using work emails, and sending appropriate material blah blah blah. The stupid thing is I usually don't send this sort of thing preferring to delete them, so you can understand how mortified and embarrassed I felt - at the time.

Of course it cracked everyone else up at work and now I can laugh at it as well.
What a dickhead though , I even labelled it "Me on Halloween"!!!! ha ha

A hard lesson learnt I can tell you/


Chris H said...

OH.MY.GOD!!!! I would have loved to be a fly on her wall when she got that one! Does it even look like your arse, come on! YOu ain't that bad!!!! *laughing me head off*....

Tania said...

Some people just have no sense of humour.

Nola said...

Once you hit that bloody send button there is no turning back!! But it IS funny!!!!

CactusFreek said...

lol that is soooo funny!

I don't understand anything about horse racing. Accept i was named after a race horse that kept losing. Isn't that nice? lol

angelfish24 said...

Ooooopssss on that email! I've seen that email coming around.
Hope you are doing well.

Spider63 said...

You look great! Keep posting those before photos, and then we will have lots to compare afterwards!!

How about a shot of your mountains and hills? Thanksgiving is coming, you can use bodypainting with a Pilgrims Theme!!