Friday 11 July 2008


The news I have been avoiding getting has finally been delivered.

My bone scan results were not good. I have 2 bones broken in my foot - the middle cuneiform and the navicular bone.

The irony of ironies is it's a common fracture for runners!!! You could imagine my reaction to that pearler, what a laugh. The Doctor seems to think it has been caused by my return to the gym and the treadmill. F*@K!

That old phrase comes to mind "Your damned if you do and damned if you don't".

So I'm on crutches for 4 weeks which is the pits, crutches are difficult to manoeuvre for the average person, let alone Tank Girl with the upper body strength of a flea!

My work place has been wonderful, they organised a office downstairs for me and told me if I needed to have time off just to let them know. My daughter who is on school holidays at the moment is driving me in (She's on her Learners) and helping me out in the office and they are paying her for the privilege, so she's getting some extra money which is good.

Today is my wedding anniversary - 21 years!! Time sure flies when your having fun!!


angelfish24 said...

Happy anniversary!!!! We are closing in on our 17th next month. God, right, how time flies and it never stops!
Sorry to hear of your broken bones!! God knows I've been seeing some in my xray/work as we do feet a lot.

Chris H said...

I must have missed something! How did you break your bones in ya foot???? Good that the company your work for are being so helpful to you. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, We celebrated 21 years this year too! Hope your arms manage the strain of bloody crutches.

Carlton said...

Ouch but at least you know what is wrong now. Hope your foot heals quickly...

I so hate crutches. I had to use them when I sprained my ankle earlier this year and fell over in my lounge room the night I got them.

Mick said...

Hey congratulations on the wedding anniversary.
Thats crap with the busted foot, you have my sympathy.

Tania said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! What a shame you have to spend it on crutches, hope you're still planning to do something special to celebrate.

CactusFreek said...

Oooooo happy anniversary! :o)
You aren't having much luck at the moment are you, you poor thing! :o/