Tuesday 5 January 2010


Hi All.

Hope you all had a great holiday season and New Year.

My break was quiet, but much better than last Xmas (if you remember I came out of hospital on Xmas Day last year after all my woes)

I seemed to just veg out this year and not do much of anything

We decided at the last minute to have a mini break and booked some accommodation in the city for 3 days. Got a great deal at the Marriott, which included breakfast,dinner and all you could drink at dinner for the three of us for $260.00 a night in an Executive Suite.

It was a pleasant sojourn,even if the weather was a bit crappy.

We saw the musical Wicked which was fantastic and had a great seafood lunch at Doyle's (one of the famous seafood Sydney restaurants) at the Rocks which was fan-diddly-tastic.

I will post some photos later on.

Back to my title - so what is the miracle?

The miracle is for the first time ever in history, I not only did not gain weight over Xmas but actually lost some - wow, wow and WOW!

I ate everything I wanted to turkey,ham,Plum Pudding even overindulged with the Lindt Chocolates (why do people give chocolates to you when they know you are trying to lose weight, and these are the same people that lecture you about weight being bad for your health!)

Anyways I'm diverging, today's weight is 111.8kg (245.96lbs) so a loss of .400kg not mind blowing but a victory nevertheless.

I love my band!!!!!!


Chris H said...

Awesome result over the holidays mate.

Margaret said...

Fan-diddly-tastic on the loss over the hols, you did very well!!!!

Tania said...

Well done - that's a great achievement over Christmas! As to the chocolates, I think they do it because it's easy, it's a gift that everyone tends to like and doesn't take much thought, doesn't mean we like it though.

CactusFreek said...

I can't believe you lost and ate everything. I'm soooo jealous!
But good on you. That's awesome!
It's great that you are loving your band, after all you've gone through :o)
The motel stay sounds fab! Where did you find that deal?

Mick said...

If I'd looked at that lot I'd put on weight.

Lisa said...

CONGRATS! I am getting the sleeve surgery soon...

- Lisa