Monday 16 June 2008


Thought I had better check in as it's been two weeks without posting.

The last two weeks have been a bit blah!

I've had my daughter home form school for two weeks sick with a virus -
I stayed home with her for two days which really impressed my boss, but it had to be done. Also have come to the realisation I have a stress fracture or fractures in my foot again.

I have been in alot of pain for about 7 weeks now,my ankle swells up like a balloon after a day on my feet. I have had - oh,about 6 stress fractures in the last 10 years mainly in my right foot, so I say I'm pretty good at picking them. For any of you that have had a broken bone, it's that deep seated ache you get, particularly at night that is a sure sign you have a fracture.

Luckily I have my own boot - it is an alternative to a cast, I can take it off to shower,drive and go to bed, sort of like a ski boot, I call it my "Hermann Munster" shoe - lol! It's a pain in the arse to put on and take off particularly when I drive, but it helps with the healing process.If there is n improvement in a couple of weeks I'll have to have a bone scan - BLAH!

This of course has not done me any favours on the exercise front. my eating also has not been so good over the last few weeks.

Am feeling very vulnerable at the moment and BLAH!with my foot and a head cold. I saw Sex and the City on the weekend, it was entertaining, I must admit I did not watch the series very much but the movie was good.I really want to see Indiana Jones - has anyone seen that yet, I am a big fan, so may pencil it in for next weekend.

Anyway better go and do some work, I'll leave you with a funny


angelfish24 said...

Cute joke! Hey, I'm sorry to hear about your foot pain, that must suck. A lady at my work wears that boot to work and is healing real slow but think her injury is a muscle one. Take care.

CactusFreek said...

Herman munster boot lol
I'm glad your daughter is doing ok [as only a mothers care can do], i've thought about you both since we spoke last :o/
Look after that foot!

Mick said...

Funny Joke, lol.

Sorry about the foot but it sounds like you are getting used to it and are well prepared, still uncomfortable though.

Spider63 said...

Good luck with the foot. The stress fractures are not being helped by weight. I am not trying to be mean.

Please think of yourself when you are thinking about eating. Eventually the bone will degenerate and you will have some acute arthritis or worse. Lose weight now before you are wearing one of those stump boots permanently.

BTW, my knees hurt all the time. It is due to being obese (O-Beast). Eventually the knees will be down to bone on bone. it is the side-effects of obesity.

Good luck with your foot and solving the long-term problem by losing weight!! God Bless us all!

Carlton said...

Love the joke. Sorry to hear about your foot. Hope it heals soon.

Indiana Jones is pretty good, a little silly in places but overall I enjoyed it. I do know some people that didn't like it much...

CactusFreek said...

How ye be young ladee?

Spider63 said...

There was a Carlton on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and now he works at ESPN Sports.

黃立成Jeff said...