Sunday 1 June 2008


Just got home from seeing the stage production of Edward Scissorhands at the Sydney Opera House. I bought tickets for my daughter as part of her birthday gift. The production is by Mathew Bourne the famed British choreographer and director. I suppose it would be in the category of a ballet, as there was no dialogue or songs, just storytelling via dance.

Both my daughter and I enjoyed it but if given the chance again I think I would choose the production of Billy Elliot(also playing it's season here) over this. We had great seats though and it was the first time I had seen a production at our famed Sydney Opera House. Pretty sad seeing I'm a Sydney girl.

On Saturday we took our daughter to NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art) as she wants to do a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Acting when she finishes school. It was very interesting sitting in on the information session and we lesrnt a lot.

Placement is by audition only, most people don't get in on their first try unless they are super talented.Also a bit scary is they have around 1500 people audition every year for just 24 places. Some of our very best actors are graduates of NIDA - Cate Blanchett,Mel Gibson, Geoffrey Rush to name a few, it is (in my opinion) the best school in the country and I can see my daughter fitting in well there.

Anyway we have another 18 months before she leaves school anything can happen, but I'm sure she will keep to this.

The weather here today has been miserable - raining and bleak, looks like winter is finally starting to show it's face.


Mick said...

Well its not surprising you prefer Billy Elliott, of course he was a Yorkshire Lad wasn't he, lol.

angelfish24 said...

I saw the play of Edward Scissorhands too. I can't remember if there was singing or not....but it seemed it was more just dance...and some talking and it was ok but not my favorite.

Chris H said...

Hmm that production sounds like "not my cup of tea".. but glad you enjoyed it. Winter... yep it has certainly arrived over here too... brrrrrrrr.

Carlton said...

Glad you enjoyed the production. I was thinking of going to see it but if its just more dance than a musical then I will not bother as it will not be my cup of tea.

CactusFreek said...

I wouldn't have like Edward Sissorhands at all! But i loved Billy Elliot - the movie, so i'd be interested in a live performance maybe.
What does your daughter want to do? Act? Bit more complicated than one might think huh?
I'm going to be in Sydney next week on the 12th and 13th. Rose has a musical performance at the opera house [also my first time there] Maybe we could meet up on the night of the 12th and "do coffee" lol
No seriously, lets :o)
When you visited my blog last, you should have checked the next post dowwn, as there's an awesome photo of Princess! :o)

Spider63 said...

Congrats on your daughter, it seems like she really has a handle on what she wants to do and you are supporting her 100%!!

Nona said...

How fabulous that your daughter has chosen a career in the arts. I kinda of expected she would after your posts about her performance. I really hope she makes it into this school you mentioned. It's really important to go to a good school when you want to break into the arts because of the contacts you make and the referral to movers and shakers that you can get from your teachers if they think you are talented.

Don't know how it works there but even though she has a while before she leaves school, perhaps she should focus on building up her resume of performances through community theatre or something and developing really good references. She should try to go into the process already a cut above the rest.

It's bleak, cold and raining here and it's supposed to be spring.

Tania said...

Oh how exciting that she has such great dreams! You might just be looking back in 10 years being proud of how far she's gone.

CactusFreek said...

Where you at already!

Fairy Mae said...

I am happy to hear your daughter has the acting bug. I work in the theatre business. Make sure she can get and go to as many auditions as possible and dont take it personally when they say that she is not what they are looking for. I once tried out for a part and was damn glad that I didnt get it because I was not what they were looking for - the woman who got the part did not believe in shaving and looked like a man!! I look nothing like a man!
I wish her the best of luck!