Wednesday 3 December 2008


In my last post I mentioned I was having some bad days and not feeling very well.

Friday morning I woke to another crappy day, I had abdominal pain which progressed over the next 12 hours to being excruciating. Nothing seemed to help, I was popping Mersyndol Fortes AND Tramadol without any relief. My stomach was bloated and sore. I was scared it had something to do with the lapband.

I suffered all Friday night and finally rang up the Dr and he told me to come straight the the Emergency Dept. We got there at 9.00am, was seen by the Emergency Dr, bloods were taken and I was given some much needed Morhpine which took 3 shots until my pain was under control.

I had some X-Rays, then a CT Scan, by this time my Dr came and saw me and he told me everything was OK as far as the band was concerned (thank goodness for that) and the source of my pain was due to an acute attack of pancreatitis.

He said it was a mild attack (FARK! I'd hate to have a major attack) and I was admitted once again on drip, I came home late yesterday still on pain killers and a little worse for wear. It has nothing to do with my lapband, and probably more to do with my auto-immune problem.

One of my inflammatory markers was tested at 80!! Normal is 7-11 and when I was in hospital 3 months ago it was 45, so an all time high for me. Just my luck hey.

This has put me back quite a lot in my recovery, so probably wont be returning to work next week as planned, am not eating very much as when I eat I get the pains again and my stomach bloats and I feel really uncomfortable. Funny enough the scales have not moved much, and all I can put it down to is all the IV fluids they put into me, any way weight loss should be the farthest thing from my mind at the moment.

I hope you all are well, sorry I havn't visited your blogs, I find it uncomfortable sitting on the computer for to long.


Janene said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're not well and your recovery is being hampered by your pancreas! Hopefully it will settle down and you get can back to focusing on your weight loss and regaining your health :)

Carlton said...

I'm also sorry to hear that your not very well right now. Hey don't worry about visiting our blog, weight loss or work, you just worry about getting yourself better.

Sending you (((hugs)))) and thanks for the update.

Chrissie said...

Are you a diabetic? I hope you are feeling better. Hang in there.

Nola said...

That's bloody bad luck!! I hope you are feeling a little better by now. Things will gradually come right and you will be back to your old, but slimmer, self!

Mick said...

Sorry to hear you are not well and been having to deal with the pain. Its good news though that it isn't to do with the lapband that must ease your mind.

Take Care

Tania said...

So sorry to hear that you ended up back in hospital! Make sure you rest up and focus on a full recovery, work, the weight loss and everything else can wait! You'll see those scales going down again soon enough, take care!

CactusFreek said...

Geez you're having a crap year with health, aren't ya?!?
Seen as you can't sit for long, i assume you are being a lounge lizard, watching a lot of great vids. Any new releases we need to see?

Look after yourself :o)

Nona said...

Hey honey, I've been away for a while but I am so glad to visit and see that you have had the surgery. Sounds as though things haven't quite settled down yet, but I hope they do soon and that you start to feel better and reap the rewards.

Lots of hugs and well wishes.