Monday 4 May 2009


Sorry I haven't been around here and to all your blogs.

I've had a horror week with work and health issues.

My assistant was on a weeks leave and everything just went BANG! at work all at the same time. I work in Credit and we had quite a few large accounts hit the wall which of course means huge losses for us. I don't think I want to relive that again, but unfortunately due due to the economic times it's gong to happen again.

So to really cap it off on Tuesday morning after drinking a cup of tea I had these really bad pains around the neck of my stomach. So bad I had to excuse myself from one of the crisis meetings and sit in the loo until it passed 10 mins later.

I had a wrap for breakfast which I ate in the car on the way to work and thought maybe I didn't chew it enough and it was stuck, so I played it safe at lunchtime.

About 4pm I was so thirsty I grabbed a can of Pepsi Max and sculled maybe 1/4 of the can, them WHAMMO! it hit me - the pain was I think the worst thing I have ever experienced. I felt like my stomach was about to burst,after 45 mins I thought I better get try and get home,don't know how in hell I drove the 15min trip, I was in agony all the way.

To make matter worse my husband and daughter were not at home so I staggered next door to the neighbours and promptly collapsed.They rang an ambulance I was taken to Emergency.The worst thing though is I kept telling them about the Lap band and everything else and they were treating me for a bloody heart attack.

So 7 hours later,feeling worse for wear and an arm black and blue from them trying to put in a cannula I was released and told I had a Urinary Tract Infection - yeah right! That must be the Clayton's diagnosis when you don't know.

I still feel a bit dodgy and have to be very careful with the diet as I'm still getting the pains, so I'm going to try and get back the the specialist tomorrow. Let's hope it's nothing serious.


Carlton said...

Hope you have a better week this week and it is nothing serious....

Chris H said...

Honest to God girl, you never fail to amaze me! When oh when is everything going to get better for you eh? You must be right sick of it all! I hope you feel better real soon.. and don't go skulling fizzy again!

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Oh how scarey for you!!!
I hope they actually find out whats really wrong with you!!

Nola said...

The fizzy drink rings a bell with me.....see my "Lime spiders and lamas" post. I thought I was going to die too!!!
I was in a whack of pain for a few days after that until the band settled down again.....maybe that is what happened to you??