Monday 25 May 2009


Sorry for the hiatus, I've been flat out like a lizard drinking,so much to do so little time to do it in.

Everything just seems to be hitting me at one time, as I mentioned my assistant left 2 weeks ago and as I expected they have only replaced her with a part timer who has no experience in this field and I'm having to teach her from scratch. Nice lady but awfully slow and forgetful - I'm pulling my hair out.

I haven't had my CT Scan yet, had to cancel it twice already due to work commitments, I have another booking next week so will just have to get there no matter what.The stress sure doesn't do anything for my overall health I can tell you.

My eating has been "on the run" things for the past couple of weeks and I consequently feel like shit and have gained weight, too much bloody chocolate I know.Also, scoffing down fast meals has not done my band any favours with PB'ing being a frequent occurrence.

Oh well, I can only do what I can and remember to breathe.


CactusFreek said...

Miss ya! Are you getting paid more to train this [sounds quite useless] woman?

How's your stomach? Feeling any better?

Carlton said...

Hope your feeling better and things start to get better soon.

Tania said...

Sounds like things are hectic! Remember that your health has to take a priority, so no more cancelling!

Mick said...

Hello to you CG.

Sounds like you are busy, training some people can be frustrating. Take care of yourself.

Nola said...

Glad to hear from you! Don't forget to look after yourself in between being busy!!

angelfish24 said...

ya, get in there and get your CT. I get to observe them from time to time in xray and they are pretty quick and painless.
Hope you are feeling better soon.

Chris H said...

How are you doing mate? you havn't blogged for a wee while. Hope all is good.

CactusFreek said...

Yea, what Chris said :o)

Moby Dick said...

Hope everything is getting better? Drop by some time and say hello, I miss you!!